Top 7 Best Project Management Software Plugins for WordPress

In running a business, the owner cannot afford to be disorganized. There are many tools that help a business become organized and choosing the one that fits the most can be difficult. That is why in this article, we will tackle how to put project management in WordPress with a “WordPress development company“. Before going to the specifics of the 7 best project management software plugins, let us have a quick discussion on its importance.

Why is project management software important?

It is safe to say that systemization is the main function of project management. It keeps the project and its associated tasks in one place which ensures its strategic alignment with the rest of the members. Given that, a project management tool prevents unnecessary time consumption such as searching through tons of emails. And with the tool being in WordPress, clients, and members have nothing to worry about as they can tap each other if there is something they need to clarify.

So which project management system should one go for?

Prior to finalizing the tool to go for, one should take time to reflect and assess the specific features that are needed for the business. Asking the right questions can definitely lead to the right project management plugin. These are the sample questions:

  • What progress indicator do you need? List of to-dos? Milestones? A calendar? Conversation tracking?
  • Should the ability to time track be needed?
  • Should front-end solution be accessible to clients or just the back-end for the internal team?
  • Should contractors be accommodated along with the internal team?

1. WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager is almost synonymous to project management plugins because its add-ons have almost everything that is needed for a project at an affordable price. Premium tiers have access to time tracking, invoicing, private messaging and Gantt charting, while the free tier is powerful enough for smaller teams with smaller projects. This plugin is also for free but its premium price starts at $79 every year.

2. Kanban Boards for WordPress

Kanban Boards for WordPress is simple but is one of the most powerful WP project management plugins. It provides the best way of keeping track of almost anything. From the hiring, advertising campaigns, and customer relationships to editorial calendars, design schedule, and so much more, the Kanban Boards can do it. Especially if one is organizing and managing Agile, this plugin has the best to offer. Its price is free but there is an option to subscribe annually at $149 and $499 for a lifetime.

3. Software Issue Manager

While this tool works very well in helping issues about managing software, it is not made for everyone. The ones who need it the most are the developers who have to deal with bugs efficiently and solve issues that they are managing. Software Issue Manager is for free with available pro upgrades.

4. Projectopia

At CodeCanyon, Projectopia is a premium and top-selling project management plugin. Its features make the clients’ system and integration run smoothly. At any point, Projectopia can be added to the installation without messing up the current system and workflows. It has its own theme but any other themes can be used as well. Projectopia costs $39.

5. Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants is the best choice among all the project management plugins. Its features for permissions, automatic file deletion, and native file uploading say a lot of its functionalities as a plugin. Smarty Pants does not have a free version but it has a 30-day trial before deciding for a priced plan.

6. Project Panorama

Project Panorama is a top-notch project management plugin. Its admin dashboard and interface are available on the front-end and its aspect for collaboration stands out as well because of its collaboration tools. To try it out, there is an online demo. Its free version is good enough; so, an upgrade might not be needed. However, it costs $29 annually based on tier.

7. UpStream

This plugin for WordPress concentrates on being a user-friendly tool that provides back-end project management without requiring the knowledge for coding. This means that the users can effectively manage their projects independently even if they are not tech-savvy. The features of the free version are quite enough for the users. Its upgrade includes front-editing of the projects, custom-field support, timeline views and copying entire projects. UpStream is free but it has a premium extension.


For a project to be systematic and secure, one needs a WordPress dashboard. With the 7 plugins discussed here, it is hoped that this article is able to provide the features and prices that perfectly match the requirements of one’s project.

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