Top 5 WordPress Project Management Plugins

wordpress plugin imageWordPress is a popular blogging tool and content management system. Why? It’s an open free source, and its plugin architecture allows users to easily add features. Its basic installation is free from effects of the plugins which means the basic application is more powerful. In turn, this gives more value to the user. Bloggers and content managers also use this application to manage projects with project management plugins. Additionally, people who are familiar with using WordPress can easily extend the application to handle their PM needs rather than buying expensive or complicated PM systems.

Top 5 WordPress Project Management Plugins

Below are the five recent and highly functional WordPress project management plugins that provide PM features.


1. WP Project Manager Pro (our recommendation)

WP Project Manager Pro is a leading WordPress plugin, designed specifically for project management; it is like having Basecamp in WP. The core version of the plugin was updated September 2016 and is compatible with all the WP versions of up to version 4.0 or higher. It’s been downloaded more than 79,500 times, with over 3000 active installs. The Pro version is packaged for either a Single site, 5 sites, or unlimited sites. Some features included in the Pro version are dashboards, to-do lists, calendar view, milestones, user roles and permission, private messenger, file management, reports, time tracking, Gantt chart, and more. Read our Review.

2. WP-Client Pro with PM Extension

WP-Client PRO is a very popular business application plugin. The premium version of the plugin is fully compatible with WordPress 4.0. The plugin is updated every few weeks with new features and improvements. What’s interesting is that there is a new premium PM extension that extends the client management and billing functions to include internal staff, freelancers and projects in the workflow. Users can now take control of internal processes and workflows, share details and progress of tasks, milestones and projects as they are completed. It requires the WP-Client core plugin, an up-to-date subscription, and a one-time purchase of the project management extension. Read our Review.

3. SP Client Document & Project Manager

SP Client Document & Project Manager is a file management and document collaboration system that provides an easy way to upload, organize, track, and share project documents. It was updated on September 18, 2014. It requires core version 3.9, and is compatible up to core version 4; has been downloaded more than 39,700 times; offers a free and premium version, with positive comments from users who have bought the premium version.

4. TaskFreak!

TaskFreak!, a free plugin that is a WP version of an open source web application with the same name. The plugin allows users to create projects and tasks, and assign rights and tasks to users. The administrator can then track the tasks’ status. It also allows attachments and comments to be added to the tasks, all readable from a mobile device. It was last updated on August 28, 2014, compatible up to WP versions 3.9.2. Users have downloaded it 7100 times.

5. Orbis

Orbis is another business application plugin. It was updated on March 28, 2014. It’s compatible with all the WP versions up to version 3.8.3. It has project management as well as CRM and intranet features. Its core features allow creation and management of projects, persons, companies and comments. It can be further extended with other plugins such as Orbis Tasks and Orbis Timesheets. Users have downloaded it over 3300 times but still no feedback in terms of ratings or reviews is available yet.

WordPress Updates and Versions

Since WordPress is primarily a free content management system, and some use it for more than just blogging, and therefore, rely on it to keep their website current. With the help of the WP community, WordPress continues to release new versions to meet user needs. Normally, a major WordPress release happens every 6 months – but not always. For example, the following are release dates for versions 3.5 to 3.8: December 2012; January 2013; June 2013; August 2013; October 24; 2013; and then, December 2013.

It’s important to know these release dates as each one could affect the compatibility with WP plugins. When using plugins consider finding-out the following: when the last update was; are the updates compatible with the core version; will the updates continue; and, are people in the WP community talking about them – positively or negatively. Typically, recent plugin updates will be compatible with the latest core versions. Still users should monitor whether there have been any updates, and how they impact compatibility between the core version and plugin.


On April 2014, WordPress version 3.9 became available. Five months later, version 4 was released. Many plugins continue to come out and we intend to update this article to inform you about new plugins you may be looking for. We hope you can give us a hand and tell us about any recent updates.

Top 3 WordPress Books


WordPress Bible

Summary: WordPress Bible is a comprehensive user guide and handy reference tool for people who wish to experience all the potential benefits of WordPress’ content management system.  It covers simple fundamental steps for new users, and guides professional web developers through the more advanced features.

We Reviewed this Book | View this Book on Amazon!


Professional WordPress Design and Development

Summary: Professional WordPress walks readers through the rudiments of the WordPress software and builds on the knowledge for the benefit of more advanced users. Using practical examples and in-depth information, this book provides keys to unlock the great benefits of WordPress. It is a tool which gives users the edge.

We Reviewed this Book | View this Book on Amazon!


Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress

Summary: Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress is ideal for the visual learner. You can easily begin using WordPress as this book is clear, visually appealing, and has step-by-step instructions. gets start with WordPress. Accompanied by screen shots, it demonstrates how to handle hundreds of WordPress tasks. This book also offers advice on how to employ a variety of tools and techniques for the best results when working on your blog.

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Jose Maria Delos Santos

Jose Maria Delos Santos

Jose is a subject matter expert and member of the writing team for and Bridge24. He has written hundreds of articles including project management software reviews, books reviews, training site reviews, and general articles related to the project management industry.

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  1. Avatar Dylan Smith says:

    Thank you for this wonderful share of information. Plugins do help a lot in fact; we cannot live without them anymore. For your photos and images, I’d like to share this one I’m using lately Embeds a photo gallery with a 360° view, providing you with a multi-point-of-view experience and its free.

  2. Avatar Samanatha says:

    Thanks for this list. For those looking to manage and invoice clients, another good plugin choice is WP-Client. You can find details and features at

    Project Management is coming soon also

  3. Avatar Frithjof says:

    I’m looking for a wordpress plugin that helps my client manage construction projects but also reports the progress to clients in the front end of their WordPress site.
    What too do you think would be best?


  4. Avatar ozEworks says:

    We use WordPress for our main site but we use qdPM (actually qdPM Extended) for our project management tool. We run it as a subdomain and just add a link to the WordPress site header for clients to Submit a Ticket which takes them to the qdPM login screen. Once there they are log tickets and so on. It is open source. qdPM Extended V3 is only $195 and there is also a free version at . Both as open source.

  5. Avatar Davo says:

    And then there’s this

  6. Avatar Shameem Reza says:

    Really a Good Listing. From above I used TaskFreak. Recently I found another one and thinking about to move on WP Project Manager by ThemeXpand, is there anyone used it?

  7. Avatar 2jswed says:

    Hi, for my part i use task manager :
    Easy to use, time management and client tracking !

  8. Avatar gelform says:

    I recently launched Kanban for WordPress ( ) another free project management plugin using the Kanban approach.

  9. Avatar dungeon says:

    hey guys.i am looking for a plugin which allows me to set a series of tasks like “to download a software” or” to submit their emails” and know whether the specific task is completed by the their user account…plz help

  10. Avatar Larry says: lets you or your clients take screenshots of any WordPress site. Screenshots are stored as tickets with debug info like browser details, plugin versions, click trail to replicate the report and a bunch more.

  11. Avatar upstreamplugin says:

    We have recently launched a new free WordPress project management plugin –

  12. Avatar Dylan says:

    Hi there,

    Great post! I have recently released Zephyr Project Manager on the WordPress repository – – and would love to hear your thoughts ?


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