Top 5 Reporting and Exporting Tools for Asana


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Asana is helping teams become more organized and efficient in moving their work forward. The platform provides the central workspace for defining and discussing requirements, plans, schedules, tasks, assignments, and status. It is also the main application for tracking progress, issues, and finally, accomplishments.

The Top 5

As Asana continuously works on providing the best experience in terms of work management for all its customers, it cannot focus on all aspects of the software’s features. Unless users are able to measure, monitor and make sense of their data, productivity can just be assumed and unverified. Here are out top 5 recommendations if you are looking for a great reporting or exporting application for Asana:

1. Bridge24

Bridge24 is a powerful and flexible application that provides users enhanced reporting and exporting capabilities for Asana. Users can easily sign up for a Bridge24 account, connect and authorize it for their Asana account. Afterwards, they will be able to view their tasks across all projects in either Grid, Calendar, or Board view. Moreover, they can export tasks, subtasks, comments, and custom fields in Excel and CSV formats. They can also export task history for a date range in Excel. It is officially recognized by Asana and includes them in their own Integration page.

2. Grow

Grow is a business intelligence dashboard software with Asana integration. It provides reporting and visualization in real-time. Some of its benefits are the additional insight users can have as project information, visuals and figures are displayed. Also, they can connect, compare and co-relate data from their projects along with other information coming from various sources. It can be used to provide the team a better understanding on where to focus their efforts, as visual data can be perceived easier than just figures and text.

3. Weekdone

Weekdone is an online application that helps users on their weekly planning and quarterly objectives. It provides structure for their goals as well as the activities toward the goals. It also offers an integration that allows users to obtain a visual report for Asana. Weekdone has a one-click reporting that enables teams to understand and analyze their Asana project data. The visuals provide a comprehensive overview of the team’s productivity. It is fully automated and delivered once per week.

4. Klipfolio

Klipfolio is a business dashboard software. With it, users can bring together all their data from numerous sources, and get a better view of their whole business. It has integration that enables users to build an Asana dashboard. They can build dashboards in two ways, either using pre-built data requests or custom data requests. A pre-built request can pull in metrics like project tasks. Custom data requests enable users to create custom API queries and let them specify metrics as well as the time period they want to track.

5. Easy Insight

Easy Insight is an online business intelligence, reporting and analytics software. The SaaS model allows users to easily view dashboards and obtain reports without any installation or configuration. Its integration with Asana lets users quickly perform data reporting on their projects. They can create custom reports and charts and cover multiple projects, milestones, and to-do lists. It has pre-built reports to help users get started quickly. It also allows cross app reporting, so other data sources such as spreadsheets and other SaaS products can be viewed in a single dashboard.


Asana is a solid project management platform that is helping numerous teams across the globe complete their projects. As it becomes available across more types of customers and industries, specialized features such as dashboards, reporting and exporting are better handled by integration with other applications. The list above are some of the best known and reviewed applications that work seamlessly with Asana.

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