Best Smartsheet Training & Tutorials 2022

Smartsheet is a cloud-based project management and work execution platform. Teams and organizations using the software are able to collaborate easily using a familiar spreadsheet-like interface. Since 2005, it now has 80,000 brands and millions of users relying on the platform to help them plan and execute their projects and business goals. Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, it has additional offices in Boston, London, and Edinburgh, employing 1,400 people who are servicing customers from 190 countries.

The Top 5 Smartsheet Tutorials

Smartsheet is a system that helps users collaborate, manage and report on work in real-time. Fortune-listed companies use the platform to bring together their people, process and technology, resulting in speedy execution of work. For example, Marketo, an Adobe company, was able to reduce the time it takes to compile an executive report from 2 weeks to 48 hours. Cisco, another customer, was able to improve their project visibility, know what projects they are spending on, and make informed decisions by knowing the exact status of their projects. Here are 5 places where you can know more about using Smartsheet.

1. Learning Center

The Smartsheet Learning Center is the central place to find information and resources to learn how to use the software. For existing users, the What’s New section will quickly inform them of the new features and capabilities added to the software. For new users who want to learn the basics, the Get Started link is the best place to begin. It will bring them to a new page where they can watch a video on how to start with the software, with the option to download it in MP4 format. As users get more informed and experienced, they can follow up with Immediate, then Advanced to further master the use of the software.

2. Smartsheet Training

Smartsheet has a dedicated Training page for all the training and certification requirements of customers. Various training methods are available. Users who prefer to learn the fundamentals and best practices on their own time can choose the On-Demand Training link. Another way is to attend Instructor-Led Training, either online or in cities around the US. Popular courses are Smartsheet 101 designed for new users, and Smartsheet 201 for customers with foundational knowledge and skills but wishes to develop them more in collaborative work management. Other courses include Advanced Work Management and Project Management with Smartsheet. Certification is also offered, as well as custom training.

3. Center of Excellence

Smartsheet has a Center of Excellence that provides several programs and paths to become a work management expert. First, there is the e-Academy, which is an online education course to help individuals and teams become proficient in using the software to manage projects and work. It is a combination of on-demand videos and hands-on exercises to help them learn the essentials and practice it in their daily work. Second, Product Certification establishes that an individual can professionally demonstrate their competency in using the software. Last, Continuing Education provides a full library of training videos, with new content regularly available.

4. Learnit Smartsheet Project Management

Learnit is a corporate training provider that offers courses and custom learning solutions to hundreds of clients ranging from non-profits to Fortune 100 companies. Included in its Professional Development courses are project management courses as well as an Introduction to Smartsheet. It is a full-day, in-person course available in selected cities. The course is ideal for business people of all types who will learn about best practices, methodology, mechanics and working collaboratively using Smartsheet. Learnit also offers a 2-hour online Smartsheet introduction course.

5. Smartsheet YouTube Channel

YouTube is a free and accessible platform where users can easily look for video tutorials of applications they are using. Smartsheet’s YouTube channel started in 2006 and its collection of videos have been viewed over 4 million times. The most recent video uploaded 4 weeks ago is a short 3-minute Introduction to Smartsheet perfect for new users. It also has a lot of how-to videos, such as How to Set Up a Sheet, Getting Started with Dashboards, or how to use the Project Tracking and Rollup Template Set. There are also longer and more detailed webinars, such as the 20-minute+ Maximize Your Smartsheet Experience.


Smartsheet is a capable cloud-based platform that can help today’s workers cope up with the needs of modern business. More than just enabling teamwork, Smartsheet provides organized workplace collaboration that helps improve quality, speed, and overall productivity of teams. Through the software, team members and stakeholders are able to keep everyone up-to-date with project progress, new opportunities, and potential challenges. Teams are more connected, able to learn from each other, communicate with and work better together. And all these lead to project success.



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