Top 5 Best Online Project Management Courses

Although it would seem like project management is something strictly reserved for large corporations, small startups and online businesses also have the need for project management, because they need to make the most out of their investments and keep up with the increasingly complex demands set by the market, their competitors, and their customers. For instance, if you are in digital marketing, you will need to keep your eye on several different aspects of the project, such as social media campaigns, email marketing, content production, growing your business, and putting out a great product, among other things.

This makes matters rather complicated, but fortunately, there are some great online courses in project management online, which you can take and gain a better insight into how it works. We have compiled a list of 5 best ones.

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1. Master of Project Academy

A relative newcomer in the game, Master of Project Academy covers pretty much everything you need to know about the world of project management, while still remaining understandable and approachable. Their All Courses Bundle consist out of 27 courses in total, and includes training in PMP certification, CAPM, CCNA, Agile Scrum, and Microsoft Project, among others. Judging by all the glowing user reviews, it’s well-worth the money you will have to pay for it. The course we recommend is “PMP® – Project Management Professional Certification Training“. They offer 50% discount on their Lifetime package: $99 instead of $199. Use the discount code ALL50OFF when doing your payment.

2. Project Management Principles and Practices by Coursera

Coursera has tons of great courses on just about anything, and they also have some brilliant ones in project management. This particular series of courses is a bit on the intensive side, but thanks to its hands-on nature, it’s very approachable and engaging. The courses will arm you will all the knowledge and skills needed in order to carry out projects and deliver them on time, without overstepping your budget, while at the same time offering a good product. Specifically, you will be capable of figuring out the scope of every project, its budget, identifying how many resources are needed for it, breaking it down into smaller tasks, taking into account all of the risks, and overseeing all the stages.

3. Diploma in Project Management by Alison

If you are looking to gain a better understanding of project management methodology, and receive a diploma for it in the process, you will find much to like in this course. Not only will you become familiar with all the basics, but you will also analyze case studies, learn how project management has evolved over the years, and even gain access to insider interviews with some of the best project managers out there.

You will also study methods like PERT diagrams, and the Critical Path Method. It’s less hands-on than the courses offered by Coursera, but you will become acquainted with the theoretical aspect of project management.

4. Project Management in Marketing by Oxford Learning Lab

Although project management and marketing don’t seem too related, that couldn’t be further from the truth, and this course deals with that connection. Aside from studying all of the essential principles of project management, you will also learn how to put together effective marketing campaigns, while sticking to time and budget constraints.

Unlike most courses, this one also pays special attention to risk evaluation and management, as well as what to do in cases when you need to mitigate the negative outcome. You will also come across lessons in market research, and create business cases.

5. Introduction to Project Management by Canvas

If you are looking for something that will teach you the basics of project management quickly, so that you are able to apply it in practice as soon as possible, you should definitely check out this course.

It’s divided into two parts. The first part includes going through a fictional project. You will be able to choose between several different examples. Then, you will be given an actual project. In both cases, you will be required to come up with a project overview statement, as well as its structure.


Project management courses are a great way to broaden your education and your skill set. But, they also show you how to make the most out of each project, while growing your business, and your army of satisfied customers.

Eva Wislow

Eva Wislow is a career advisor at Careers Booster, a resume writing service. Eva has a degree in Psychology and she is focusing on helping people discover their true potential.