Best Project Management Software for 2022

Project management platforms are expanding their functions and crossing boundaries with their combination of features, further complicating the user’s selection process. From project scheduling software to project planning apps, we built a list of the best project management companies for different types of industry and business needs to assist you in this crucial selection process.

Implementing the Right Project Management Software for Your Business

Companies should carefully plan how they roll out new enterprise project management software. The project manager responsible should get the support of major stakeholders—from C-level executives to end-users of the project team. Project managers should include a schedule that allocates the time to learn how to use the software before taking a major project. That way, each and every project will be set up properly.

Be ready with support documents and some training materials to ensure that individuals don’t have to spend too much time learning about these project management programs and can quickly pivot back to their normal workloads.

Here, we’ve outlined the best project management software for small teams and enterprise-scale teams. For other options, check out our Top Task Management Software article to help you find the right solution for your needs.