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Slack is a popular collaboration software where teams and their members come together for a specific project. It provides a hub where users can get their work done, from the start of a project to its fruition. Every team of users has a specific Slack Workspace composed of various channels that members can access to communicate with each other and receive company announcements and information. Smaller organizations typically have only one workspace, while larger ones make use of the Enterprise Grid Organization where they can utilize various workspaces that are related to one another. With Slack, messages can be shared either in the private or public channels. For those that are shared publicly, all members who have access to that channel can read them.

Find the Best Slack Tutorial

Slack offers its clients three pricing plans, namely Free, Standard, and Plus. The free version offers unlimited access to small teams who want to try using Slack. The Standard and Plus versions, on the other hand, are billed annually at $6.68 and $8 per active member, respectively. To understand how Slack works and determine if it meets your business’ demands, check out these top Slack tutorials that we have found for you.

1. Slack Help Center

The Slack Help Center is simple and straight to the point. On the main page, users can see different buttons that take them to the different pages of Slack, including ‚ÄòGetting Started’, ‚ÄòYour Profile’, and ‚ÄòWorkspace Administration’. In the ‚ÄòUsing Slack’ button are the instructions and detailed information on how to use the software and its different features like working in channels, sending messages, and calling and sharing screen. The heading themselves are clickable links that take visitors straight to the specific page. And if a user is ready to create a workspace, this is exactly the same page where it can be done.

2. OkDork by Noah Kagan

A lot of users really love the comprehensive website of OkDork, especially for its Slack tutorial. The very first part of the website explains why the host of OkDork loves using the software. Then, as the user scrolls down, it starts to discuss the 19 tips for using Slack through buttons that jump directly to the information. In between the texts are videos that demonstrate the processes, as well as screenshots.

3. Ascend

Ascend has created its own video tutorial for Slack on Youtube which, based on viewer feedback, is one of the best and clearest video tutorials for Slack. The video is informal wherein the host speaks as he navigates the software’s page without showing himself in the video. Another reason why it is comprehensive and easy to follow is that the entire video screen is filled with the actual page of Slack when it is used. Viewers can easily see the cursor move around and point at the different parts of the screen. The host discusses in detail the different features of Slack and how people can use them.

4. LinkedIn Slack Courses

On LinkedIn, there are numerous courses and videos to choose from that total to about 200. On the left panel are the filters to help the users find more easily what they are specifically looking for. They can sort it according to level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, or all), type (videos, courses, or all), time to complete the lesson (between less than 10 minutes to 2 to 3 hours), and the software they want to learn about which includes Slack. At the bottom part is a button that users can click to unlock all courses in Slack which is free for one month.

5. Howfinity Slack Tutorial

Howfinity is another good source for learning Slack. Like Ascend’s video, it is also very informative, with the screen showing the actual image of Slack as users navigate it. The host doesn’t show himself in the video and just speaks while navigating the software. The edge of this video over others is that it includes how to get started with Slack, with an explanation of the three pricing tiers which are Free, Standard, and Plus. The host continues to show how to create a workspace through the free version and walks viewers through the entire process. Additionally, he shows how the mobile app looks like and works at the end of the video which is another bonus.

6. Lynda

Lynda’s website is famous for the different training courses and tutorials it offers. For Slack, this specific PMCOM address shows users how to use Slack and collaborate with their teammates. There is the main video on the page which is a preview to the course, accompanied by its transcript, the option to watch the video offline, and some exercise files. Also, on the right side of the page are links to the content which include logging in to Slack, using messages and channels, making calls, and adding apps to the software.

7. Running Remote

Running Remote has its own Slack tutorial on Youtube. Instead of focusing mainly on just how to use the software, it talks about the 6 hacks it knows about using Slack. The host is shown in the video as he discusses, as well as smaller inserted screens that show how the actual hack is done. The hacks include getting rid of notification overload, effectively using the company directory, and setting channels to auto-disappear, among others.

8. The Next Web

The Next Web explains how to use Slack and provides a detailed guide to the software. It doesn’t insert videos but it more than makes up for it by using screenshots and informative texts. There are also links that take users straight to the actual Slack page which can be accessed if a visitor has an account with the software. And if a user finds that Slack isn’t suitable for his team, then, there are also alternative apps and software that are provided.

9. Time Doctor

Time Doctor doesn’t go straight into showing how Slack is used. Firstly, it talks about what it is, its origin, and what S-L-A-C-K actually stands for ‚Äì Searchable Log of All Communications and Knowledge. It also goes to explain how it is different from the good old e-mail and that it was voted as one of the Top 50 Smartest Companies last year. Then, still, on the same main page, it talks about the 4 easy steps of getting started with Slack, including getting the app, creating the team, inviting the team members on board, and creating the channels.

10. Slideshare by Melvin Receno

Melvin Receno also has his own tutorial for Slack but it is in slides form. Hosted by Slideshare, users can access all 129 slides that describe how to use the software. The advantage of this tutorial is that users can also navigate their own Slack account while reading the slides. They have the option to linger longer at one slide or jump to the next one anytime. Also, there is not a lot of text to read but just the gist of what the slide is about. At the bottom of the page is a rundown of the content of every slide so that users can have an overview of the subject and choose to open the particular slide they want.


Slack has become really popular as a communication software not just among small businesses but also among big enterprises. There is a good reason for that which is its ease of use and convenience. Thanks to these tutorials, learning to use SlacK will no longer be a difficult task.

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