Best Notion Training & Tutorials 2022

Notion is a popular project management software among teams with a need for a single application to plan, collaborate, write, and get organized. By using Notion, teams increase their productivity as they take notes, add tasks, and manage projects with the online solution.

The software provides users different tools like building blocks where they can create custom layouts for their specific project requirements. They can start from a clean space to build their project wiki. Notion lets you build a database of various types of content that you can easily find, be it office policies, company goals, or employee contact numbers. A drag-and-drop interface allows a team to arrange their page according to their preferences.

Top Notion Tutorials

Notion software brings an all-in-one workspace solution by putting together features found in individual business tools. It removes the need to subscribe to multiple tools that is already available in Notion. The software is intuitive as it is flexible. It is also easy to find guides on how to use Notion from user community forums. To help, we’ve put together a list so you can pick the best Notion tutorial to get you started.

1. Beginner’s Guide to Notion

In this article from The Sweet Setup, you can learn about Notion features with a discussion of the tool’s blocks and how to organize a workspace. The article also shares templates for building various applications such as a habit tracker, a to-do list, a project manager, and a weekly planner. It continues with additional tips, tricks, and drawbacks to maximize the benefits of the software. Finally, the author weighs in on the app’s claim according to his experience. The tutorial is mainly text, but it described the steps clearly to give readers a good idea of what Notion can do.

2. How to Use Notion: Day One

The Leadership Journal

This tutorial from The Leadership Journal goes to the very first step of how to actually get started from a blank page. It warns the reader that it is not a tutorial that could get the reader very far and advanced in using the software. But it will help them get started from the first step of downloading the app to a device or using the web version and signing up for an account. The tutorial walks the readers through screen by screen up to starting from the blank workspace. In the meantime, he advises the beginner to set aside templates for later, when they already have a clear idea of what they want to do.

3. Notion Tutorial Videos

YouTubeThe YouTube channel About Archie includes short Notion tutorial videos about different tips and features in how to use Notion. Video length of about a dozen episodes can run between 3 and 20 minutes, which can be ideal for the busy professional. Topics include quick tips, workspaces and tables, layout and design, and creating custom templates.

4. The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Notion

This tutorial from the RadReads blog offers a comprehensive discussion in how to use Notion. The tutorial divides into 13 topics with short explanations, bullets, and screenshots. Some have moving images and videos that show the different features of the software. The Notion tutorial starts from an introduction, setting up the software, navigating the side bar, and on to the different important features such as blocks, pages, and tables. The content also has links to additional videos and related sites.

5. Notion Tutorial Video

Another Notion tutorial available in YouTube comes from productivity enthusiast Thomas Frank. This 25-minute tutorial video gives the readers a tour of Frank’s Notion setup. He uses the software to organize, plan, and execute his video production process, so this is an actual use case. It is ideal for more advanced users such as content creators who can learn more about how the author combined several features. A template for a video tracker app is also available from a link.

6. Notion Help and Support

Notion’s Help and Support page is the go-to page for anyone who wants to learn about what the app can do. It contains helpful categorized information that visitors can easily locate. Notion training videos are available to new users as well as advanced users. The page includes links to popular resources and FAQs. It lists topics that introduce the software to new users, as well as detailed discussions for each of the features available. This page is the perfect place to get first-hand information about how to use Notion.

7. Beginner’s Guide Notion Tutorial Video

This Notion tutorial video is from the Keep Productive team to help users become more familiar with the app and see how they can incorporate it into their routine. It is for users who are beginners in using the software. Notion is not complicated to use but begins with a blank screen and a blinking cursor that often alarms users who have no idea what to do. The video introduces the software and goes through tools and features such as workspaces, templates, and layouts.

8. Beginner’s Guide to Notion

Keep Productive

For those who prefer other than a tutorial video, Keep Productive devotes a whole page with comprehensive discussion and other helpful resource links about Notion software. This guide introduces the software, how it works, and details of the features of the different building blocks. The guide is complete with screenshots and offers a free PDF beginner’s course in how to use Notion.

9. Getting Started with Notion

Notion Pages

Notion Pages hosts a simple tutorial for using the app with the just the right information for new users. The tutorial introduces the web-based tool and how it can help professionals organize everything using one application. It provides a step-by-step discussion, including setting up the software, answering prompts, managing the home screen, and getting started with blocks.

Ready to start with your Notion tutorial and training to boost productivity?

Notion is enabling teams and professionals to organize their work in a flexible and simple way. The software helps boost productivity by giving more options to work the way a user wants it to with all the tools in one platform. Notion tutorials show how to get started and accomplish more with the help and support users need.

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