Best Notion Training & Tutorials 2020

Notion is one of the most popular software choices of many project management teams. It is dubbed as the all-in-one workspace where teams can plan, collaborate, write, and get their work organized. Notion aims to help teams increase their productivity by allowing them to take notes, add tasks, and manage their projects.

The software functions like Lego which provides teams with the building blocks of their projects and lets them create their layouts. This means that Notion offers a clean space where users can build their wiki. Since they are already provided with the materials, all that’s left to do is decide on what they want to make. Speaking of wikis, Notion has a database for office policies, company goals, and contact number of employees, among others. Users are able to add various types of content and drag and drop them around the software to arrange them according to their preferences.

Top Tutorials

Notion is unique because it streamlines the features of various online tools that are used for the same purpose. This is precisely why its tagline is the ‘all-in-one workspace’. Users no longer have to subscribe to various other tools because almost every function they need is in Notion. Aside from forums that are helpful for navigating Notion, here are also the top tutorials for the software.

1. The Sweet Setup

The Sweet Setup offers a beginner’s guide to using Notion in a concise but organized text. It first talks about what Notion is and how it is best used. It explains the core element of the app which is the block. Then, it continues to talk about how to organize the app, create a habit tracker, and moves pages in Notion. It also contains tips and tricks, as well as the drawbacks of using the app. Finally, the author weighs in on the app’s claim and sees if it is what it claims to be. The tutorial may be purely text, but it does a good job at describing processes and explaining what Notion is.

2. Notion

Notion’s page contains a complete and comprehensive tutorial on how to use it. This page is just part of a bigger page where users can find helpful materials like videos and text instructions. There is a video tutorial on how to install the software and texts for downloading Notion and setting up an account. There are instructions on how to set up sensors and bridge, as well as one’s alert preferences. Users can also navigate to related links that are helpful in learning about Notion such as troubleshooting the app.

3. About Archie (Youtube)

About Archie is a Youtube channel that contains numerous videos about using Notion. Each video runs between 3 and 18 minutes and talks about various topics about the productivity app. Some of the topics include the following:

  • Importing from Trello, Evernote, and other sources
  • Pre-built templates for Notion
  • Beginners’ introduction to Notion
  • Workspaces and tables
  • Creating custom templates
  • Essential tips for using Notion

4. Rad Reads

Rad Reads offers a complete guide to getting started with Notion. The website looks very simple, making its content even easier on the eyes. The information is also divided into three parts—the overview, launching the first Notion project, and making templates. In each part, there are links to different sites like the overview, a 12-part video tutorial, and more.

5. Thomas Frank

In this video, Thomas Frank talks about his own experience using Notion. He uses it for organizing, planning, and executing the stages of his video production process. Thomas Frank shows how he combines three features that not everyone is aware of. These include relations/roll-up, templates, and databases. The video will surely be beneficial for everyone, including students, professionals, and even content creators.

6. Notion Help and Support

Notion’s Help and Support page is the go-to page for anyone who wants to learn about what the app can do. It contains helpful information about the tool which are categorized so that visitors can easily locate the information they need. The categories include Popular Resources, New to Notion, and FAQs. New to Notion discusses topics ranging from creating a new page to using Notion for teams. There are also the Workspace Guides, Editing Pages, Databases, tips and tricks, account settings, and mobile and desktop apps. For one who knows nothing about Notion, this page is the perfect one for checking detailed information about the app.

7. Keep Productive

Keep productive understands that Notion can sometimes be overwhelming and tricky. This video helps users become more familiar with the app and see how they can incorporate it into their routine. The video lasts around 14 minutes and covers numerous topics like Notion workspace, using templates, and clearing a template. Additionally, it talks about a demo 3-month roadmap, long-term or short-term layouts, and myriads more topics.

8. Rad Reads

In the previous items, Rad Reads talks about getting started with Notion. This one, however, talks about the complete guide to using Notion. The page is quite long, with various topics about Notion, but these are all arranged and organized well. Each number corresponds to an aspect of Notion that is discussed in detail. The best thing is that these numbers contain texts and videos to help users have a better grasp of Notion.

9. Keep Productive

Aside from the Youtube video of Keep Productive, they also have a website with just texts about Notion. Like most other websites, Keep Productive has information about several aspects of Notion. These include how to start using the app, what Notion is, and how Notion works. What makes it unique and preferable is that it contains links to some resources related to the app. There are links to full courses, online community, monthly newsletter, Youtube videos, and full and short courses, among others.

10. Notion Pages

Notion Pages is one of the best tutorial websites for using the app, with comprehensive information for new users. It talks about getting started with Notion, its Home Screen, and how to use it. There are also links to various other topics that still relate to using Notion.


Notion has a lot of teams and individuals shifting to it and leaving their old collaboration software. Thanks to these tutorials on how to use it, everyone is getting all the help and support they need.

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