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Notion is a popular project management software among teams with a need for a single application to plan, collaborate, write, and get organized. By using Notion, teams increase their productivity as they take notes, add tasks, and manage projects with an online solution. But like any other new software, Notion can be daunting to start using, especially when a new user is confronted with its blank canvas-like interface. So what is the best way to get familiar with the software?

Let’s take a look at some of the best tutorials and training materials available for Notion.

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Top Notion Tutorials

Notion provides users with different tools that work like building blocks where they can create custom layouts for their specific project requirements. Users can start from a clean space to build a project wiki or a database with various types of content. Notion’s drag-and-drop interface allows a team to arrange pages according to group preferences and project requirements. Here is a list of guides and tutorials to help new Notion users hit the ground running.

Notion Help Center

The Notion Help Center is the official repository of references, tutorials, and documentation about the software. In the Reference section, the “New to Notion” link connects the reader to a dedicated page with a collection of articles—some with videos—specially written for Notion beginners. The content starts by introducing the software, and proceeds with a discussion of blocks, a guide how to create the first page, and subsequent subpages, among others.

From the Help Center, readers can also access Guides sections on how to maximize the use of the software by exploring its different features. Users can also access Notion Academy which gives lessons for specific roles or use cases. Lastly, it has documentation on its API that developers can use to connect the software’s pages and database to other tools.

Getting Started with Notion

Notion Pages is a resource site built by Notion fans. It provides a Notion guide to help new users to get started with the software. The guide starts by introducing the software and describing what it can do for users. It then proceeds with a discussion of how to set up an account and what to see after a successful registration.

The guide continues by describing the customization capabilities of the software and a discussion of the principles of blocks. The guide also contains other helpful links to templates, advanced tips, and external links to other resources.

A Beginner’s Guide to Notion

This is a Notion guide from The Sweet Setup website, whose readers are creatives looking for the best apps for work and personal use. The guide starts by addressing the usual issue that new users encounter with Notion: its blank slate interface. From that starting point, the turtorial naturally proceeds with a discussion of building blocks, the core element of the software that makes it versatile.

The guide also talks about creating pages from blocks, and organizing those pages into a database. Other topics covered are available views and layouts, shortcut keys, and organizing the application. It also walks the reader through the steps needed to build a sample page called a habit tracker, then discusses the many other use cases of the software with the help of annotated screenshots.

Notion Tutorial

The RadReads blog presents several resources about Notion. Its owner, Khemaridh Hy, runs his business and personal life using Notion. His Notion tutorial aims to get users up to speed so they can spend more time in using the software. He starts by explaining how different Notion is from other apps, and how it can streamline a user’s to-do lists, note-taking, calendars, and wiki in one single app. The comprehensive tutorial discusses navigation of the software, understanding blocks, to understanding pages and manipulating tables.

The tutorial also includes several videos about Notion from his YouTube channel. For users who prefer videos, the author has a YouTube playlist for a Notion tutorial on video.

How to Use Notion Day One

The Leadership Journal presents a Notion tutorial to provide new users everything they need to know to get started with the software. Author Darryl Brooks starts with by comparing a user new to the software as someone given Lego blocks without any instructions. He cautions readers that they will probably not learn much or get very far with only the tutorial, but it will get them to the first page.

After going through the pricing options, signup, and initial setup, the tutorial proceeds with a walk-through of the screens the user will see, and what to with them. It’s worth noting that this tutorial is linear in that it does not divide the tutorial into different sections to which the user can click as desired. Instead, users are required to go through the whole process from top to bottom. At the bottom are links to the other Notion articles for Days Two, Three, and Four.

The Unofficial Notion Free Guide Workbook for Beginners

From the Keep Productive website, users can download a free Notion guide PDF for beginners. Its 13 pages in slide format are great for users who prefer a static set of directions to follow, complete with short paragraphs, bullet lists, and screenshots. The PDF discusses the benefits of the software for personal as well as for team use.

The Workbook describes Notion’s basic features by showing users how to create a block and a page. It also has instructions how to add different types of blocks like images, files, codes, and web bookmarks. Other topics include creating a dashboard, using different views, and other recommended readings.

Complete Notion Tutorial

Matthias Frank’s blog documents his search for answers about productivity and their connection with the latest tech tools. His Notion tutorial aims to help users understand the basics of the software, how to leverage its advanced features, and tips to master its full potential.

The tutorial is mostly a collection of YouTube videos with some bullet lists below each video. But for the full Notion course on Youtube, he also has a playlist that viewers can access.

Notion Course

The “About Archie” YouTube channel includes a playlist on how to use Notion. The author describes it as a free crash course about the Notion productivity app. The channel offers a total of 15 short videos, including an introduction, basics, and even a video on using templates. Viewers can pick a video for a particular topic, but the overall playlist is not sequentially arranged so viewers have to check each video’s particular topic.

Notion YouTube Videos

Several Notion tutorials are available on YouTube. One is a full Notion tutorial for beginners. Productive Dude’s YouTube channel delivers a comprehensive 1-hour, 15-minute discussion of the software covering topics from pricing and set up, to customization, views, and formulas.

Another is a step-by-step Notion beginner tutorial from Kevin Stratvert, a former Microsoft product executive and now a YouTube content creator. His 31-minute tutorial covers the usual Notion basics, also includes help on importing, searching, embedding, sharing, and publishing to the web. Lastly, Teacher’s Tech provides a 20-minute getting started with Notion video that also tackles the subjects of getting the Notion desktop app, formatting text, modifying color, and adding files.

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Ready to start with your Notion training?

Notion is enabling teams and professionals to organize their work in a flexible and simple way. The software helps boost productivity by giving more options to work the way a user wants it to with all the tools in one platform. This Notion tutorials list can help users get started quickly and accomplish more with the resources they need.

Or if our just interested in learning more about this versatile solution, check out our in-depth Notion review. Or watch

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Notion is a powerful tool for project managers of all experience levels. However, its wide-open approach to building the functions you need to manage your workload can prove to be intimidating if you’re looking for a more structured approach to managing work, time, and people. If you’re interested in learning more about top-rated project management software that’s ready to use out of the box, the editors at actively recommend the following:

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