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Todoist is a multi-platform to-do list and task manager. It is software that helps people manage personal tasks and collaborate on projects. With a clean and simple design, users are able to write their tasks and specify due dates that help increase their productivity. Available in several types of devices and platform, people are notified of their tasks which they can access wherever they go. It is easy to create tasks and quickly share them with others using the latest web technologies.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Available in multiple platformsTodoist task manager is available via the web, the Android phone and tablet, the iPhone and iPad, in Windows or Mac OS, in Chrome or Firefox, with Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail or Postbox. Users who work with multiple devices and platforms will have no problem keeping oneself as well as colleagues updated and in the loop. They can create, be notified, access and share their tasks and messages wherever they go, so nothing falls into cracks.
  • Multi-level tasks and projects – This productivity software enables the user to break down big projects into sub projects, big tasks into smaller and more manageable tasks. Users can write normal language due dates, with option for recurring due dates. They are notified automatically when updates occur by email or push notifications. Visual tools help the user to spot things faster with multi-colored priorities, graphs and bars.
  • Real-time sync, visual trends, notifications, and more – Todoist performs real-time data syncing automatically across devices so the user does not have to manually do it. Premium features also allow for reminders by email, push notification, SMS and even location-based alerts. Users can add as much details and attach files. Greater organization is available with labels and filters.

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Todoist task manager is offered in two versions, free and premium. The premium version is affordable at $29 per year per user. Moreover, it has extras that makes it even more attractive. For instance, the free version allows for 150 active tasks per project while the premium version can accommodate up to 200 per project. The free version is limited to 80 projects but premium users can have until 200. The premium version also has more color-codes for projects. It has 13 colored labels, task notes, file uploads, and reminders. Users can add tasks by email, track productivity, sync calendars, create project templates, and have automatic backups.

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Target Market

Todoist task manager is for all types of individuals who need a productivity tool running on one or more computer or device. It is ideal for those who want to efficiently plan and organize their projects and daily tasks so they can focus on more important or creative work.

Supported Languages

This software supports English, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Polish, Russian, Romanian, Albanian, Swedish, Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Hindi.

Some of their Clients

Clients include employees of Fortune 100 companies such as Citi, IBM, Oracle, HP and Gillette.

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Jamie Morris from Scotland uses Todoist to help him manage a charity website. Using a plug-in, Gmail filters and other web services, people add events which is automatically added to his tasks.

Emerald Goldtop from London used the task manager to plan and complete proposal tasks, installation, public relations and followups to win a sculpture competition.

Why Todoist

The world has become a very complicated place. To rely on remembering alone to complete all kinds of tasks, from the trivial to the critical, is not only inefficient but unprosperous. Todoist is a highly accessible and intuitive tool that is sure to bring order, organization and priority to all tasks, personal or collaborative, to help people stay in control of work and life.

Company Info

Todoist is a product of Doist, a privately held computer software company with headquarters in Santiago, Chile. It was founded in 2007 by Amir Salihefendic. The team received $40,000 as their startup fund, but the company has since been self-sufficient and profitable through its optional premium subscription for Todoist for Business. Doist is currently a multinational virtual team across the globe. With over 2 million users and millions more of tasks created, the team is committed to continue creating and specializing in productivity tools. These tools will help simplify and organize each day and inspire people to work on the big things.

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