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Overview Presentation

TimeFox LogoTimeFox is a time and project tracking system for creative professionals and companies. It is a web-based software that provides time and expense tracking, estimating, and productivity and profitability analysis without the complexity and high cost of comparable systems. It is a simple, easy-to-use tool but powerful enough to give companies real-time information to boost billable hours, prioritize projects, keep the team up to speed, understand their business better, and thereby increase profits.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Time and expense tracking with task management – The system has simple but effective time tracking and task management features such as timesheet with a stopwatch timer, tasks with editable rates, and project costs and expense tracking. It can also make estimates, quotes, and budget. To-do lists with email alerts make sure that tasks are done on schedule, so that projects always stay within budget. Users can compare estimates against actual costs.
  • Project tracking and managementTimeFox can accommodate unlimited clients and projects. It has the CEO Desktop dashboard so that the user gets an instant overview of vital information. It has features for project status and status options, as well as timelines and milestones. It also has action assignment with action calendar for resource allocation. Users can see immediately information about clients, projects, tasks, and personnel for them to make informed decisions.
  • Multiple reports, report generation, and app integration – The system has many different reports about clients, projects, and status. It can also provide reports about tasks, personnel, productivity, estimate, expense, ranking, and user groups. Advanced plans can even generate action and production reports as well as cycle and capacity reports. Advanced report generators can produce customized reports and save the template in Excel, CSV, PDF and HTML. The system integrates with Quickbooks, iCal, iPhone apps and Mac widgets.


TimeFox is available in four different versions, namely, Lite, Classic, Premier, and In-house. TimeFox Lite is the affordable basic timesheet and reporting system ideal for a single-person company or freelancer. It comes with free customer support, timesheet with stopwatch timer, unlimited clients and projects, account preferences and customization, tasks with editable rates, Quickbooks and iPhone app integration, personal calendar with iCal and meeting scheduler, project status and status options, and basic reports. The higher versions have all of these features with additional ones on top of the previous version. It also offers a free 14-day demo period.

Timefox Pricing

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Target Market

TimeFox is best suited for freelancers and small to medium-sized creative companies. Many of its customers are from graphic design, advertising, communications, marketing, multimedia, public relations, and interactive background. However, the application is not limited to these industries, and can help any organization with time and project tracking requirements.

Supported Languages

The system supports the English language. No information is available about the support for other languages.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Andrew Hume & Associates Ltd., web design company Atomic Crayon, Cre8tive Juice, DataDog Interactive Marketing, Drake Resource Group, ETraffic Solutions Inc., marketing firm Hollinden, Macon Raine, Pail Design, Photonics Graphics, and Stauber Design Studio.


Matt Simpson of the Infusion Group remembers how TimeFox has given him the control he wants as an owner and the simplicity he craves as a designer. With the system, it is easy for him to see what is happening in his business at a glance.

Chris Ehlinger of THINK! Creative Advertising describes how they were able to have an accurate account of every task in a project with the help of the system. Now, they are able to give estimates easily and bill exactly for what they have done.

Liz Meyers of Ad-In Advertising loves how customer support figures out a way to make their requests work. She greatly appreciates how the people listen to their clients.

Why TimeFox

Businesses and organizations that need to track time, expense, projects, or personnel need a productivity tool like TimeFox. As a web-based application, there is no dedicated hardware needed. As a monthly subscription-based SaaS, no contract is needed, too. However, users get instant updates of the software, free unlimited customer support, a dedicated account rep, a dedicated Mac support when applicable, and a proven track record based on 70,000 current users. It will also provide a guaranteed up-time, continuous backups and secure storage for your data.

Company Info

FunctionFox Systems is the maker of time and project management software TimeFox. It is a privately held company founded in 2001 with offices at Victoria, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta. It came from an advertising and design firm, which faced similar problems of tackling timesheet and PM activities but found existing applications to be inadequate, costly, or overly complex. So, it created FunctionFox, which is uniquely suited for the specific billing and timesheet needs of advertising and other creative companies. The company is committed to keep their customers happy, and will always go the extra mile to make them so.

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