The FIRST Thing to Master in Project Management

The companies these days are striving to deliver complex projects in very tough environments. The demand for project managers is increasing every day. The one thing that actually bothersome is that most of the people out there do not have an idea of what a project manager is and how important their role is in a company. Managing a project is quite tough and comes with a lot of demands too. Apart from telling people what to do and assign them their roles, a project manager has to be there and monitor the project right from its start and till they deliver it. A project manager’s job is multiple jobs rolled into one, and it is important for a project manager to master some of the most important skills for efficient management.

In this article, you are going to learn about the most important things that one should master during project management.

Effective Communication and Negotiating Skills

Both are communicating and negotiating isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. But it is one of the most important skills that a project manager should have. Project management will be effective and successful when the project manager can communicate things with perfection. Communicating with the team, vendors, stakeholders, customers, etc. are a part of the project management job. It is important to have a person who can convey the vision of the project in an effective way as possible.

Without constant communication between the team members and with other people, project management is never going to succeed. If there are any issues with the team, a project manager should be able to identify that particular issue and communicate about it with the respective person. Likewise, there are several other issues that the project managers will be able to address with good communication skills. A team manager who talks out with the team from time to time will keep all the members on the same page. This is a basic necessity in every project.

Similarly, keeping customers and stakeholders in the loop is another important aspect of a project. Updating the project details from regularly and spending some time with customers to understand what they need is very important for a project manager. This reinforces the transparency, trust and helps in building a positive relationship with both customers and stakeholders. Good communication is not going to happen overnight, and you have to practice the skill and understand people in a better way. You should know your team members, their personalities, preferences, and quirks to understand them and talk your way along with them.

Then comes negotiation. This is another important subskill in communication. You should be an excellent negotiator to get the project done. Managing a project is nothing less than politics. There will be people who think quite differently and have opposing ideas in your team. You have to make every person work as a team, putting aside their differences, and the best way to do that is by proper negotiation.

Negotiation is something that project managers do almost every day. Be it customer, team members, or the stakeholders; a project manager has to create a common ground and bring everyone in place in order to make them happy. You have to talk to people and make them understand the situation. A lot of times, these decisions will heat up and create some issues, too, and this is where a project manager has to step and cool things off. A project manager should work as a leader and communicate with everyone involved to get create a great environment.

Final Words

Project management involves a lot of work, and the manager has to take care of almost all the things. Communicating and proper negotiation will help sort out so many of these issues effectively. This is the first thing that one has to master in project management.

Bhushan Shaligram

Bhushan Shaligram

Bhushan Shaligram is a Digital Marketer by profession. He runs a performance-based Digital Marketing agency out of Jaipur, India. In his free time he loves to read auto-biographies.

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