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teamwork.comTeamwork Projects, the online project management application of, recently introduced a new powerful feature for setting task dependencies. True to the company’s commitment to equip their customers with an effective and simple business management software, they now have enabled their users the ability to have more flexibility and control in managing multiple inter-related projects. Plans and schedules now reflect a more accurate picture of what, when and how tasks are getting done. Also, several other improvements are available to users in managing their files and in using their mobile app.


Set Cross-Project Dependencies

Veteran and experienced project managers, at one time or another, have come across projects where some tasks can only be started when a certain task from another totally different project has been completed. This is especially true for many smaller companies where common resources are shared, distributed and working concurrently on several projects. Setting task dependencies within the same project usually poses no problem. Now, Teamwork Projects has also made it easy for users to create cross-project dependencies of tasks. This means that a task on one project can be made dependent on the completion of another task from a different, separate project.

Set Cross-Project Dependencies in

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After the two tasks (Task First and Task Second) from separate projects (Project A and Project B) have been created, the next step is to go to the task that is supposed to have a predecessor; Task Second, Project B. Click on the dependency icon, and click ‘Select Tasks.’ A new window will appear, which is the dependencies picker. From the dropdown box, users will see all other projects where they can choose Project A. After choosing it, all of Project A’s tasks will load, and from there, users can check the box before Task First and click ‘Select This Task’ button. And finally, on the previously loaded Tasks page, click ‘Save My Changes.’ From there, users will see that Task Second has a dependency set up for Task First, which they can click to load the other project (Project A) and view its tasks.

Check the box before Task First and click 'Select This Task' button

Download Multiple Files in Zip Format

Teamwork Projects enables users to download multiple items simultaneously to save time. The latest version allows files, messages, and comments to be downloaded all together in a zip file. To do this, users should go to the Files section or tab of a project, press options and choose ‘Select multiple files.’ From there, they can check to select the items and then press the ‘Download’ button. A shortcut key is to press the ‘M’ key for multiple download.

Download Multiple Files in Zip Format

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Share Files Easily

Another enhancement made on the latest version is the ability to share files without opening them individually. Instead, on the Files section, users can press the dropdown button on the right hand side of each file. From there, they will see a ‘Share’ option that when clicked will display a link that users can copy and paste to share with others. This is another streamlining and time saving enhancement to allow users to focus more on collaboration and getting work done. Also, Tags on Time Reports and Billing API are new features and enhancements that give users more ways to organize and work.

Share Files Easily teamwork

Mobile Updates

Teamwork Projects has made its mobile apps more powerful, whether you are using an iPhone or an Android phone. Now, with the Share extension, users can share images, PDF files, and even web links wherever they may be. From their mobile device, they can upload photos, documents and links of important websites they visit and share them with other Teamwork Projects members.

teamwork projects Mobile Updates

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