Targetprocess 3 Launches to Bring Visualization and Flexibility to Project Management

targetprocess-logoAgile project management software Targetprocess has recently launched Targetprocess 3 with a number of new features that put greater focus on different ways people can look at their work. This include visualizations for planning, progress tracking, viewing hierarchy, and managing backlogs with the flexibility that allows users to customize how they want to. Business and its processes continuously evolve. Targetprocess’s goal is to bring visibility into management, and so as a business tool, it also evolves and has become one of the most customizable PM tool.

Focused on Visibility and Flexibility

Since the start, Targetprocess has put emphasis on the ability of its software to bring information visualization and a degree of freedom for its users. As an agile project management software, it adapts to any process, whether Scrum, Kanban, or something unique to an organization. Users belonging to any IT company, or any department or team can gather all their data and configure the software to help them plan for the future, track real-time progress, and identify problems quickly. This is possible because of the software’s design that center on visibility and flexibility.

targetprocess3 customizable cards

Targetprocess 3 is the culmination of two and a half years of continuing development, according to CEO Michael Dubakov. The company is excited in offering the latest version of their project management software that helps users comfortably find and readjust project information so they can make smarter decisions that lead to the completion of projects and a positive impact to their bottom line. If people think that the previous version is impressive enough, the software now has more ways to visualize project data, track work, share data and align business initiatives with development tasks.

 targetprocess3 sharable board

New Features

Some of these new features include relation diagrams and real-time collaboration. It also has improved burndown charts, audit history and sharable boards. It has more features now to customize cards and create new boards for lists and timelines. For instance, the list view now has a fourth level hierarchy. After the level 3 cards, a fourth level is now available for child entities of cards, which can show tasks or bugs. Another latest feature is the ability of cards to be moved from Backlog to Timeline with drag and drop, with the planned start and end dates being set automatically. There are several other improvements on List Views, tooltips, export functions and more. Targetprocess 3 is also available as an iOS application, with the Android version coming out in the near future.

targetprocess3 4th level hierarchy

Visual Management Software

Targetprocess 3 is delivered as SaaS with the option to be self-hosted. It is still completely free for 5 users, $25 per user per month on more than 5 users for on-demand subscription, and one-time $249 payment per user for on-site setup. Targetprocess was founded in 2006 to help agile teams accomplish tasks and manage projects without interrupting their day-to-day work. Making it an integral part of teams’ daily routine is essential, so focus on user experience as well as visibility and flexibility are always on top of the list. Learn more about this visual management software on their social network pages: Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


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