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Swift Kanban from digiteOverview Presentation

SwiftKanban is an intuitive and comprehensive Kanban software that enables users to manage their Lean and Agile initiatives. It provides an extensive set of features that combines powerful visualization, Lean actionable analytics, and drag-and-drop interface technology. It supports Kanban, Scrum, and visual project management that is valuable for today’s IT organizations, software development, and business collaboration.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Kanban and Visual Project Management ‚Äì SwiftKanban provides users an extensive set of features to help them visualize their workflow and work, define their WIP limits, and highlight trouble-spots. It also helps them with their daily stand-up meetings, retrospectives, and other regular meetings, while getting actionable analytics to improve their overall process and flow. Organizations can use it to support enterprise-level lean initiatives. It has powerful Portfolio Kanban features and Resource Capacity Management, with the option to deploy on-premise or in private cloud.
  • Kanban for Scrum Teams ‚Äì This Kanban software supports Scrum processes with an integrated set of Scrum features and metrics. It is one of the best Scrumban tools that Agile teams can use to support their improvement efforts. It also provides support to iterative and other methods of software development, DevOps management, visual PM, and business service delivery. Features include Release and Sprint Planning, card hierarchy, burn down/burn up charts, velocity/throughput charts, and more.
  • Analytics, Integrations, Native Mobile Apps, and more ‚Äì SwiftKanban includes a wide range of tools and metrics, such as lead/cycle time, throughput, flow efficiency, blocking time analysis, adjacency matrix, and others. These help users focus on the right measure for improvement. It supports enterprise services planning (ESP) that combines predictive analysis and risk management. The software integrates with many tools, such as TFS, Jira, CA Agile Central, and many more through SwiftSync. Import/export functionality and API access is also available. Native apps for iOS and Android devices to manage boards on the go are also available for download.

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SwiftKanban offers a free plan and several affordable paid plans. The free Team plan includes for 10 users, 4 boards, 5 standard card types, standard templates, and basic metrics. The Group plan is priced at $7 per user per month paid annually, and includes every feature in the Team plan, 50 users, 20 boards, 10 custom card types, custom templates, advanced reports, Scrumban features, and data import/export. The Enterprise plan at $15 per user per month paid annually includes all features, unlimited users, boards, card types, plus dashboards, analytics, enterprise boards, portfolio lane, API, integrations, and more. A SwiftESP (Enterprise Services Planning) module at $15 per user per month paid annually is available in the Enterprise plan as an add-on. A 30-day free trial is offered. On-premise installation is also available by request.

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Target Market

SwiftKanban is applicable to businesses of all sizes implementing Agile, Lean, or Kanban methodologies. Customers include companies in the technology industries, enterprise IT, consulting, analytics, professional services, manufacturing, healthcare, and media. Teams involved in automation, machine learning, DevOps, service delivery, agile project management, and quality management are some of the groups of people who will benefit the most from utilizing the software.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include Ding, Alchemetrics, MSG, Worthington Industries, Teradata, Tedder Industries, and Instem.

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Gordon McGuirk stated that their company chose SwiftKanban because they felt its functionality suited what they are looking for. It was endorsed by David Anderson, highly recommended, and priced better. The software has allowed him and his team to visualize their workload using an online tool, which has greatly enhanced their collaboration with their remote workers.

Elisia Getts stated that their company found that it supported the most robust set of features, including drag-and-drop UI, configurable boards, custom-defining card types, built primarily to support Kanban, and can support a large number of users and boards. SwiftKanban has allowed her and her teams to track their work more effectively and use built-in charts to capture metrics.

Why SwiftKanban

SwiftKanban is a visual project management tool, and therefore easy to use. At the same time, it has the capabilities to manage a variety of processes in the enterprise. It is highly configurable and flexible, able to support a wide range of business and technology processes and work types. It can model complex workflows and work hierarchies, and also has a great number of Lean/Kanban and Scrum metrics.

Company Info

SwiftKanban is a product of Digité, Inc., a privately held computer software and services company based in Cupertino, CA, USA, and an office in Mumbai, India. The company was founded in 2002 by A. V. Sridhar, President and CEO, Mahesh Singh, SVP-Marketing, and Ram Subramanian, VP–Sales. It was founded with the intent to take digital transformation to the enterprise. It provides a wide range of products for digital transformation initiatives and AI-driven project delivery solutions.



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