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Study.comThe cost of education today has increased tremendously. For example, college education has become very expensive, so much so that student loans now are even bigger than credit card loans or auto loans in the US. The days where students can work part-time to pay for college while studying full-time is no longer possible. A college degree or a professional credential often serves as a basic requirement to hold better paying jobs. Not getting them is a disadvantage. At the same time, getting into a mountain of debt because of expensive education is not advantageous either. A innovative solution is being presented by

Introducing is a privately held technology company with a mission to make quality education accessible and affordable. It is an online video learning platform for K-12 students, college students, teachers, and professionals. It is based in Mountain View, CA, USA, founded in 2002 by California Polytechnic State University students Adrian Ridner and Ben Wilson. It is helping students of all levels, and teachers and professionals as well, by empowering them with modern tools and delivering a better way to learn. Self-paced, online video courses that cover a wide array of subjects built by a team of experts from the ground up makes the learning process simple and engaging.

Project Management Degrees

Project management is a highly valued skill today in any type of business or industry., aside from online video courses, also provide a great number of helpful articles regarding PM degrees and careers. For instance, Bachelor’s degree programs in project management are usually 4-year programs that train students to plan, lead and successfully complete business projects. Courses that help train them in leadership PM roles include training in HRM, contracts and procurement, project quality management, information and networking systems, marketing and sales, and finance and accounting. These degree programs can prepare individuals in various positions such as project analyst, project consultant, IT project manager, or project coordinator. Some positions require years of experience.

Get Matched to your perfect school in 45 seconds helps students search for their ideal schools by letting them choose answers from an electronic questionnaire that will match them with those having the right programs. They can also view a list of popular schools. Aside from a Bachelor’s degree, there are also Master’s degrees, such as a Master of Science in project management degree. This degree program helps students enhance their decision-making skills through courses in project design, cost, development, and implementation. Another option is MBA in project management. This specialization in project management prepare students for managerial roles through courses in accounting, cultural communication, corporate leadership, business law, marketing strategies, and international business.

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Online Project Management Degree and Training

Working adults with full-time jobs can choose online project management degree programs and trainings that are readily available. For example, offers a Project Management Training designed to help employees develop strong PM skills. This corporate training course examines all the phases of a project, tips for managing project teams, and making effective decisions. It has 10 chapters, with several lessons per chapter. Chapter 1 discusses the PMP Application Process and Certification Exam, and it consists of 4 lessons, discussing what PMP certification is, the process to get it, the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and its credential policies and procedures. Chapter 2 is about project management basics, Chapter 3 discusses PM pre-planning, and so on. At the end of every lesson is a quiz, and the end of every chapter is a practice test.

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Aside from PM degrees, also helps individuals discover careers in their chosen profession. For instance, PM professionals can look at the different careers in specific industries such as construction, biotech, architecture, information and communications technology, and more. From there, they can learn about job description, additional duties, and even an estimated salary.

Helping Students Throughout Their Journey is helping students throughout their entire educational journey. There are plans for schools, to help their faculty get access to thousands of engaging video lessons. The plan for teachers at $59.99 per month provides them video lessons that students from all levels will be delighted. Enterprise solutions can address skill gaps and provide learning and development opportunities for frontline workers and management. Also, they offer comprehensive guidance counseling resources to help students save time and money, while enabling them to make informed decisions about their education and career. Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices are available. To learn more about their latest plans, course offerings, and other services, visit them also on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.


Recommended Project Management Software

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