Smartsheet Updates Dashboard Charts With Enhancements

SmartsheetSmartsheet is a project management and collaboration platform that enables teams to execute their ideas into action at a fast but comfortable speed. The modern and agile tool allows users to plan, capture and manage work with ease. An intuitive interface and rich set of features is bringing everyone in the organization at the same page with timely and accurate information. For instance, dashboards provide users real-time visibility to make careful assessment and informed decisions. The latest updates brings more visibility with the help of dashboard chart enhancements. Charts and other dashboard features are available to customers on Business plan and eligible Enterprise plans.


More Chart Types, Better Data Visualization

Data visualizations such as charts furnish users relevant and substantial information within a short amount of time. It is both efficient and effective. Users do not have to spend much time going over rows of data just to accumulate information and then process it to gain insight. The latest update in the PM tool gives teams additional 10 new chart variations to the original 4, for a total of 14 choices. The 10 new chart types are:

  • Smooth line
  • Smooth line area
  • Stepped line
  • Stepped line area
  • Straight line area
  • Donut
  • Half donut
  • Half pie chart
  • Stacked row, and
  • Stacked column.

The different chart types can be used to present the bigger picture as well as the details in ways that best represent the story of the users’ data.

Different chart types represent the story of the users' data.

Create Charts from Reports Data

Smartsheet also made dashboards more robust with this latest update. Now, users can create charts by pulling data straight out of reports. They can populate a chart based on data either from a full report or from specific columns in the report. Reports are an effective source of single truthful information that was combined from multiple sheets. Reports can also be shared easily to teammates and other stakeholders. Teams now have an additional source of data to build their charts and dashboards, and that is from reports.

Create Charts from Reports Data

Build Charts from Non-adjacent Data

Another flexible enhancement available to users is the ability to choose data from non-adjacent places when building their charts. They can pull them from separate cells, columns and rows, and then centralize them in a dashboard. This gives teams more options to help them focus on the right data points, and go from there. They will be able to view and share particular data to specific individuals and decision makers in a visual way at the right moment without having to spend too much valuable time.

Build Charts from Non-adjacent Data

Gain More Flexibility

Smartsheet is helping clients present their project data with greater flexibility. For example, Jamal Khalid at Toronto Public Libraries stated that charts have enabled them to present their KPIs in a very understandable manner, and it did not take long to develop and build them. They are able to showcase their project efficiencies specifically to their directors. The dashboard enhancements help users avoid spending much time working between sheets. Furthermore, they now have more flexibility in how they can display and report on their data.

Gain More Flexibility

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