Smartsheet Announces New Activity Log and Google Inbox Integration

SmartsheetSmartsheet provides teams and enterprises the work management and automation solutions that enable them to work better and get more work done. Companies and information workers continue to trust the project management and collaboration software to help them bring visibility in their work with an easy-to-use and flexible solution. A few weeks ago, Smartsheet announced the availability of an important feature for Business and eligible Enterprise plan users. With the Activity Log, sheet owners now have a central place to see views and changes. Also, Smartsheet for Google Inbox is the latest result from an important and ongoing partnership.

Activity Log – One place to see it all

Smartsheet makes it easy for users to share sheets for collaboration. Enhanced project and operational visibility leads to accountability and productivity. However, information security has also become a critical aspect in any business. Previously, if a sheet owner wants to know what changes are made on a sheet, he or she has to click into the relevant cells to get cell history. With the Activity Log, there is no more need to go through this time-consuming process. The Activity Log is the place where sheet owners, admins, or editors can see which users have viewed the sheet, what changes were made, and when said activities happened.

New in Smartsheet Activity Log.

How to use the Activity Log

The Activity Log feature is included in the Business plan and eligible Enterprise plans. Team and Individual plan users can upgrade to have access to this latest feature. Access to the Log depends on the sharing permission level. Sheet owners can see tracked activities since the creation of the sheet. Licensed admins and editors can see tracked activities starting at the time they were last shared to the sheet.

To see the Activity Log, users should click Sheet Actions in the left toolbar. Next, they should select View Activity Log to display the window. From this window, they will have visibility to the various sheet actions. To filter Log entries, select Filters in the upper left corner to expand filter options. Users can select from Action, Collaborators, or Date Range filters, then click the Apply button. At present, filters cannot be saved or shared, and will be cleared automatically upon closing of the Activity Log window.


Activity Log Use cases

To confirm users have seen the latest information
The Smartsheet Activity Log feature can be used in several situations. For example, a user who has shared a sheet that contains the latest changes and information can verify if the rest of the team has already viewed it. This is useful to know prior to a meeting so that everyone is up-to-date with the latest information.

View Activity Log: Campaign Series

To see which users changed the content and when
Another situation where the Activity Log becomes important is when the sheet owner is the one who wants to be updated. For instance, the manager of a team shared a sheet before going on a short vacation. Upon his return, the manager saw that many changes were made on the plans. He can open the Log and filter it by the range of dates he was gone. Now, he can view all the changes that were made and even who made them.

View Activity Log:  Launch

To make sure only allowed users are accessing the sheet
An important use case of the Activity Log is related to security. For example, a confidential sheet is shared to selected team members. However, it was noticed that people outside of the group seem to have knowledge of the information. The sheet owner can open the Activity Log and use filters to see who the sheet has been shared with. She discovers that one member accidentally shared the sheet to others outside the group. She can then immediately unshare the sheet from these unauthorized members.

View Activity Log: Employee  Checklist

New Smartsheet for Google Inbox

Smartsheet also announced its latest collaboration efforts with Google. Smartsheet for Google Inbox integration is now available to all users. This Gmail add-on enables an easy way to find notifications and take actions to update sheets. The notification are very visible from the email’s summary message view, showing at the top of the inbox. Users can respond to the updates without having to switch to Smartsheet. Also, they can select the Open in Smartsheet link to be taken to the mobile app or web app.

Smartsheet for Google Inbox

Maximize ivity, Maintain Control

Smartsheet is a proven and trusted solution for helping companies and teams manage the challenges of modern work in a flexible, collaborative and secure way. This PM and work platform continues to deliver new and innovative solutions that ultimately will enable their customers to organize their work and focus on what matters. For more of the latest announcements and upcoming features, visit Smartsheet also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

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