Smartsheet Announces Addition of Cross-Sheet Formulas

Smartsheet helps organizations move work, create value and satisfy customers faster. It is a powerful work platform that provides real-time visibility. It also has features that enable users to automate work and connect data easily. This month, it announced the release of new cross-sheet formulas that adds more power and flexibility to the project management software. This feature is a timely addition in today’s complex work landscape where capturing and working with data from different sources and across multiple sheets have become common.

What is a Cross-Sheet Formula?

Formulas are features in the software that enable users to perform calculations of numeric values or manipulation of cell values. They can range from basic math operations to complex engineering and statistical calculations. A cross-sheet formula can reference data in a different sheet as it performs calculations or lookup a specific cell data. Examples of lookup formulas include functions such as VLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH. VLOOKUP can be used to retrieve corresponding data from other sheets such as a contact’s information using its customer ID. INDEX and MATCH functions also allow users to look up information across sheets.

Advantages of using Cross-Sheet Formulas

The new Smartsheet features offer several advantages. Cross-Sheet formulas provide a solution in dealing with large sets of data across multiple sheets. Now, users can create connections across sheets of their team’s work and information. It saves them the time to repeatedly enter data into multiple sheets, or search through large sheets to copy and paste them. Instead they only have to create a formula once, and then copy it into the column’s other cells. Drag and fill is also a quick way to populate cells and obtain complete information. Furthermore, a formula copied into a column will autofill additional rows as they are automatically created, for instance, by a form.

How to Reference Data from Another Sheet

Using a cross-sheet formula involves only a few steps. To reference data from another sheet, users should start by building their formula in the desired cell using the equal sign, followed by the function name, and then the left parenthesis. A formula help card will appear, and they should click the Reference another sheet link. A new form will appear, and they should select the sheet, then select the range of cells of the data they want to reference. Users have the option to type a name for their reference.

Organize Connected Data

Smartsheet cross-sheet formulas bring more power to users in how they can connect data across sheets, and thereby organize their information. For example, the VLOOKUP and INDEX/MATCH tools can help them save time by using sheets as lookup tables. It will be easier to pull information from another sheet while also bringing down the risk of making mistakes in copy/pasting or import/exporting data. One use case in the video example below is using cross-sheet formulas to create real-time IT tickets monitoring table.

Accelerate Decision-Making and Execution

The new Smartsheet cross-sheet formulas facilitate the availability of right information at the right time. Having relevant real-time data is critical in today’s business environment, as it aids in decision-making and timely action. Another benefit that cross-sheet formulas bring is the support for alerts and actions. As sheets are updated, they trigger notifications, update requests, and approval requests in destination sheets. To learn more about this new feature, and other product announcements, visit also their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn page.

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