Significance of Keeping Documentation in Project Management

I am sure, most of you people are good project managers but do you want to become an extraordinary project manager? If yes, then follow me as I will be sharing one important tool that will not only boost up your performance but will also help you in case of any problem. You must have heard old people saying that do not precede any deal or contract with anyone unless you write it down. Have you ever thought why they used to say this? It is because these documents are a solid proof that will help you to clear your point in case other party refuses to give payment or delivery of product. This was only one aspect of keeping documentation. When it comes to project management, nothing is more important than keeping documentation.

Project management is a combination of two words project and management. How can you manage any project without writing every detail about it? Although, human brain is very active but sometimes we forget a lot of things such as an upcoming meeting, discussion with team members, deadlines etc. Documentation helps us to fulfill our daily as well as monthly or yearly objectives without skipping or forgetting anything. Following are some points that will help you to know the worth or significance of maintaining documentation in project management.

Remember Your Goals

Documentation helps you to remember your goals and objectives throughout the project. Most of the project managers set goals orally and deliver them to their team members during a meeting. This is not a good approach. You must write down all your goals and objectives so that you can measure your progress with the passage of time.

Highlight Important Events

Keeping documentation is also important due to the fact that it helps you to remember all the important upcoming events. Above all, it helps you to remember important dates, figures and decisions.

Improves the Efficiency of Team Members 

When you will write the responsibilities of every team member then it will automatically help you to monitor or analyze his progress accordingly. For instance, if you have not maintained the records then how will you judge the efficiency or productivity of team members?

Makes Work Easy

For instance, if you have a team of 100 individuals and every one of them is performing different tasks then will you be able to remember their names, skills and job tasks orally? It is near to impossible so you must maintain your documents to make work easier and simpler.

Focus on Details

Maintaining documentation in project helps you to remember every minute detail about your project such as your mission and vision, goals and objectives, processes to be used, final product or service to be delivered, resources to be collected, technical help required.

Measure your Progress

Most important of all, keeping documentation helps you to measure your progress on regular basis. It will also help you to know the causes of your poor performance. You can compare your estimated goals with the achieved goals by keeping documentation of your project.

Get Ready For un Wanted Situations

You may write down any failure you faced in the past so that you may not repeat those strategies again in the future.  Documentation helps you to prepare yourself for any unwanted situation that may come in the future.

Apart from this, keeping documentation gives you a professional look and also helps you to create a good image in front of your boss. Keeping documentation is a key to success. Now a day, almost every organization takes help of computers to record, maintain and update all their important documents on regular basis.

Mehwish Majeed

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