Should You Learn Project Management Online?

In this blog, we’ll help you work out whether you should learn project management online. First, what is project management? We’ll give you a brief introduction. Then we’ll show you what you learn in project management courses. Finally, we’ll discuss the reasons why people like to study project management online.

What is project management?

Project management is the process of managing a project to reach specific goals. There will be a set of criteria to achieve and a time limit. In project management, you plan, carry out and control all aspects of the project to achieve success.

Project management is an important job in many industries. For example, it is an important part of civil construction but is also required for health, education and many other sectors. For this reason, project management is a useful skill to have, and offers many job opportunities.

Why you should study project management

About Adult learning courses

There are several ways to learn project management. You could learn project management ‚Äòon the job.’ Or you could learn project management through adult training.

Adult education courses in project management offer many advantages. You gain skills in a growing industry while learning from experts in a formal setting.

Once you graduate from adult education courses, you get a certificate or a diploma in project management. This gives you a competitive edge when applying for jobs. Many employers prefer candidates who have completed formal adult training.

For example, the Diploma of Project Management is the industry-standard qualification for project managers. Not only does it give you important project management skills, it also helps you get your Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate.

The PMP certificate

The PMP certificate is a globally-recognised qualification for project managers. According to Payscale, people with a PMP certificate earn a higher salary than other project managers. Adult training in project management helps you pass your PMP certification exam.

Career progression

By doing an adult learning course, you could have a long and secure career in project management. For example, according to Job Outlook, project managers in civil engineering are in high demand. There is a strong growth forecast for this type of work, and project managers have a lower unemployment rate.

What you learn in adult learning courses

Project management skills

Adult training like the Diploma of Project Management gets you up to speed with project management basics and teaches you some more advanced skills too.

Each unit is dedicated to a different aspect of project management, including how to manage project scope, timeframes, quality and budgets. You’ll also learn how to manage risks and project integrations.

Interpersonal skills

Because project management is a very people-centered job, adult education courses will cover interpersonal skills. The Diploma of Project Management has a unit dedicated to managing human resources, and another one on communicating information.

While interpersonal skills help you to create a motivated and productive environment, they also help you to keep your team members accountable. As a project manager, you’ll keep track of everyone’s responsibilities and use your management skills to make sure everyone does their part.


While studying project management, you’ll learn how to use tools and technologies to keep track of the project’s (and your team’s) progress. You’ll learn how to use tools to share information and digital assets. You’ll learn how to use tools that encourage collaboration and feedback within your team.

Benefits of studying adult education courses online

Adult training can be delivered in person, but it can also be delivered online. There are many benefits to doing your adult learning courses online. The number one advantage is that you don’t have to take time off work to study. Instead, you can study when and where you want to.

By fitting your studies to suit your lifestyle, you would not have to attend classes or tutorials. Adult education courses generally don’t have strict deadlines to complete assignments, offering you even more flexibility.

Adult education courses also tend to have long and flexible enrolment periods. For example, you could complete your Diploma of Project Management online over a period of 24 months. Adult learning sometimes comes with flexible payment plans, so you don’t have to fork out the fees in one lump sum.

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