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scrumstudy-logoFrom its origins in the mid 80’s to nowadays, Scrum has become a leading framework in software development. There is no doubt about advantages it has over traditional project management methodologies and about its key benefits. Therefore, Scrum has become a necessity for everyone who wants to complete his or her projects faster and more successfully. If you just want to teach Scrum or to get trained in Scrum, and if you are looking for someone who has an established name in this area at the same time, then SCRUMstudy is probably the best choice for you.


SCRUMstudy is the distinguished global certification body with extensive experience in managing Scrum and Agile certifications. It has vast base of extremely satisfied former students, and they have given excellent testimonials and feedback to the site. Innovative and successful certification model, backed by Silicon Valley’s biggest PE firm, Sequoia Capital, and combined with the focus on quality of certifications has made SCRUMstudy a respectable brand in the industry. Except of the free access to the introductory Scrum course, it offers wide range of certified proctored online exams based on the industry standard for Scrum ‚Äì SBOK Guide. It allows everyone to climb to the upper levels in Scrum Team hierarchy with no hassles at all.

Scrum Developer Certified (SDC)

Scrum Developer Certified (SDC) represents an entry-level certification for Scrum Team members and it is highly recommended for those who work in Scrum Team or interact with any Scrum Team, or for those who are just interested in understanding the basics of Scrum. A multiple-choice exam with 75 questions is required to pass in order to obtain this certificate. There is extremely high percentage of candidates who actually pass the exam in the first attempt. There are no prerequisites in terms of experience and education for taking this exam.

Scrum Master Certified (SMC)

If you have become a SDC certified Professional already, you may be interested in taking Scrum Master Certified (SMC) certification exam. It is adequate for everyone who is interested in working as a Scrum Master, namely for those who want to be facilitators, ensuring that the Scrum Team is provided with an environment beneficial for completing projects successfully. Exam for achieving this certificate also has a high current pass rate, although there are 100 multiple-choice questions to answer.

Agile Expert Certified (AEC)

Anyone who is interested in the concepts and practices of Agile Project Delivery, and needs working knowledge of the various Agile methodologies, should apply for the Agile Expert Certified (AEC) certification exam. Certified professionals on this level should appreciate the concepts of Agile development, primarily focusing on the value of people, and having the ability to compare and choose the Agile methodology appropriately in a given situation, in order to get the job done effectively.

Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC)

The Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC) certificate is intended for anyone who interfaces with business stakeholders or works as a Product Owner in a Scrum project. Although there is no formal prerequisite for this certification, those who hold SDC or SMC certificates will much easily understand the concepts required for this certification exam. It is recommended to attend a 2-day SPOC classroom training provided by SCRUMstudy prior to taking the certification exam.

Expert Scrum Master (ESM)

Expert Scrum Master (ESM) certificate holds the very top of the Scrum certification hierarchy. Its target audience are experienced Scrum Professionals, with three or more years of expertise in managing Scrum/Agile projects, and who are SMC, AEC, and SPOC certified. Eligible candidates should submit 500 words write-up about two Scrum/Agile projects and preferably attend a 2-day ESM classroom training provided by a SCRUMstudy R.E.P. Certification exam is case study and scenario based.

Reliable and Acknowledged SCRUMstudy

Overall benefit of SCRUMstudy’s online live proctored exams is in allowing you to take your certification exams from the comfort of your home using a webcam and a reliable internet connection. If you consider becoming a Scrum student and having a great training experience, SCRUMStudy is something that you can count on.

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