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Overview Presentation

Saviom software is an enterprise-grade resource planning, workforce planning, and project portfolio management software. It is a server-installed solution, not offered as SaaS, but can be hosted on cloud servers owned by the company or through recommended cloud service providers and partners. It is a customizable tool, allowing users to configure screens, dashboards and reports according to their needs and preference. Benefits include improve project delivery and reduced resourcing costs.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Enterprise Resource ManagementSaviom Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) is the flagship product that enables users to utilize limited resources intelligently on billable and strategic projects. It has visual resource planning tools that allows them to gain visibility of all resource demand across the organization. They can identify and allocate competent resources at the right time and cost easily with custom filters. Other features include forecast and capacity planning, advanced analytics and business intelligence, individualized portals, dashboards, reports, and integration.
  • Enterprise Workforce Planning – The software offers an Enterprise Workforce Planning (EWP) tool that enables users to plan, forecast in real time, and build an optimized workforce. It has a centralized, enterprise-wide schedule that is capable of showing real-time views of resource demand from both project and non-project-related activities. They can streamline workforce planning processes by including profile skills, certifications, and experience. Other features include capacity vs demand forecasting, customizable reports, and integration with data sources from ERP, ERM, project planning tools, PPM or HR systems.
  • Enterprise Project Portfolio Management – Saviom has EPPM solution that allows users to streamline project scope, estimations, approvals, priorities, finances and performance on an enterprise or program level. It also has enterprise project management features to help them plan, manage, track, and deliver quality projects with Gantt project scheduling tools, project resourcing, task and time tracking, risk and issue management, and more. It includes enterprise resource management tools, early warning system for resource unavailability and skill shortages, powerful analytics and reports, and other features.


Saviom pricing details is determined on the number of licenses that the client needs for their company. The different licenses are Power License designed for users who require complete access to the software; Lite License for users who require view-only access without editing capabilities, and Non-user License for users who do not require direct access to the system. Ballpark pricing can be requested directly from a company sales representative.

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Target Market

Saviom is ideal for mid-size to large companies to manage their resources. It is applicable to a broad array of industries, including consulting companies, engineering, construction, defence, technology, and express deliveries, as well as NGOs.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include 3sun Group, Malaria, ABB, Honeywell, and FTI Consulting.



Anna Powell recalled that the previous tool they used was very clunky; it was very difficult for her to make any changes to anything. On the other hand, Saviom is a very visual tool. It gives her the full picture where she and her staff are, letting her know the current staffing situation straight away. Moreover, the software is easy to program and configure, setting up parameters is intuitive. She can make it work the way she wants, and make it look the way she wants, too.

A Siemens AG user stated that previously, they were using an Excel too that was not convenient and reports were limited. When they started using Saviom, he stated that they were able to define and manage anything important as a resource. The user explained that it is the software’s flexibility that makes it a great fit for a wide range of users.

Why Saviom

Saviom improves a company’s resource allocation management and forecasting. It enables users to effectively deploy onto different company projects and other initiatives in the present as well as in the future. Therefore, projects are efficiently staffed with the right people having the right skills. Also, situations such as resource unavailability or skill shortage is addressed proactively.

Company Info

Saviom Software Pty. Ltd., is a privately held software company with headquarters in Sydney, NSW, Australia, and office in Hastings, East Sussex, UK. It was founded in 1999 by 2 former project managers with 25 years of management and technical expertise between them. PwC was the first company to use the resource management tool to improve business operations. Om Prakash, Saviom Co-Founder and Director was also former Director of Software Development at PwC in Sydney. The company is focused on innovation, to develop cutting-edge solutions; customer-centricity, to understand the customer’s situation and develop practical solutions; and personalized service and support that quickly get results.

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