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Saviom is enterprise resource management software that users can deploy on-premise or in hosted cloud servers. It enables companies to build a comprehensive, organization-wide resource plan and schedule using a single, centralized tool to efficiently deliver projects with the best available resources. Businesses are able to take on more projects and clients with a highly optimized resource plan for increased business profits.

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Saviom : Features and Strengths

Enterprise Resource Management

Saviom provides a modern, capable, and intuitive business solution to help companies face market volatility challenges. It has a resource scheduling feature for all types of resource allocation across the business. The Gantt chart-style visual resource planner with a drag-and-drop interface and multi-dimension viewing enables resource managers, line managers, and project managers to adopt agile resource scheduling that provides a single source of truth.

It has resource forecasting that allows users to forecast project vacancies, bench time, and over/under-utilization. Teams can perform capacity planning using analytics and protect project profit with foresight into project financials. Other features include a tool to forecast of future demand vs. supply, resource utilization view, resource optimization through visible resource capacity and demand, customized portals, dashboards, analytics, and reports.

Enterprise Workforce Planning

Saviom enables users to plan, forecast in real time, and build an optimized workforce to perform talent management and succession planning efficiently. It has a demand forecasting tool in a single, centralized dashboard that unifies resource and project views. Multiple users can schedule and view live workforce plans simultaneously.

Talent management features let users view skills, certifications, and experience in real time across the enterprise for easy matching of the best resources to upcoming projects. Other features include cost estimates for pipeline projects, custom demand forecasts, multidimensional analytics with slice, dice, drill down, and filter tools, customizable reports, and integration with data warehouse and BI systems.

Professional Service Automation

Saviom gives professional service firms a tool to enhance its productivity and profitability. A built-in enterprise resource management system helps companies manage human resources effectively using a single, enterprise-wide resource plan. With intelligent utilization of limited resources on billable projects, firms can reduce resourcing costs and improve the bottom line.

Users can select and apply custom filters to find available and qualified resources for the right projects. A self-serving model allows employees to record their skills, training, and certifications to keep competency information up-to-date. It also has a resource-centric project portfolio management, project accounting automation and forecasting, built-in team communication channels, and role-based security rights.

Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Saviom includes project portfolio management tools to help manage the whole PM lifecycle efficiently and advance delivery timelines. Capabilities include an enterprise resource management system, unified resource-centric project management, analytics and forecasting, built-in team communication, and integration tools to BI systems.


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Saviom Pricing

Saviom pricing depends on the number of licenses an organization needs as well as specific product requirements. Interested parties can request the company sales for a personalized quote. Saviom offerings are not SaaS solutions. The products can reside in company servers or hosted cloud servers. A free product demo is available upon request.

Saviom offers different types of licenses. A Power License is for a user who requires complete access to the software to edit schedules, extract reports, and assign authority. A Lite License is for a user who requires ‘view only’ access without edit capabilities on schedules and reports. A Non-User License is for a user who does not require direct access to the system but allows a resource manager with a Power License to schedule them in various projects.


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Who Uses Saviom?

Saviom is applicable to businesses of all sizes and ideal for midsize to large enterprises in need of an enterprise-grade solution for resource management, workforce planning, professional service automation, or project portfolio management. Many customer companies are found in the accounting, audit, legal, architecture, engineering, IT, construction, consulting, and professional services industries. Customers include Siemens, Honeywell, Fujitsu, Global Wind Service, Telstra, AlixPartners, Konica Minolta, Rabobank, and Grant Thornton.

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Saviom Supported Language

Saviom supports English only at the moment.


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Case Studies

Vivienne W. is the IT Project Manager for a mining and metals enterprise firm. The company needed an enterprise resource management solution that is intuitive and easy to update. It selected Saviom primarily for its ease of use. It also provides visibility so Vivienne’s team can focus on resource shortages and project priorities. Saviom makes it easy to capture data, address specific business requirements through configuration, and drive decisions on resource allocation. support is always available and helpful.

Joost H. is the Project Coordinator for an electrical and electronic manufacturing company. The company wanted to be able to track and report on headcount to address production issues. Since implementing Saviom, Joost’s team can easily build dashboards and generate reports that highlight key issues around resource demands. With the help of Saviom, the company now holds meetings twice a month to discuss and review headcount issues. The software provides comprehensive functionality that the team quickly learned to use.

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Why Choose Saviom?

Saviom’s resource-centric project management software enables companies to improve project delivery with a unified solution that gives users visibility on resources and project management processes, performance, milestones, KPIs, and risks. With a better view of all components and resources, users are able to configure the software to meet specific needs, gain valuable insights, reduce costs, and boost profitability.

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Company Info

Saviom Software Pty. Ltd. is a privately held software company with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. It was founded by four entrepreneurs in 1999 with an aspiration to develop a product for increasing business efficiency. Om Prakash Gupta, co-founder and Director of Saviom, points to efficiency engineering as the idea behind Saviom’s inception, giving businesses the capability to do more with less.


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