Reaching Full Project Management Potential with Video Training

Trying to manage a project without project management is like trying to play a football game without a game plan. – K. Tate

Life is a series of projects that are happening simultaneously. As such it is essentially the core of every business. That said, let’s get into the specifics. A project requires good management to be successful. It demands a team that is brought together to collaborate and share expertise to ensure a smoothly running path that ultimately leads to a successful transfer of the target. However, just like a game plan in soccer, project management calls for a strategy, guidelines and clear objectives. The new tool that is on the verge of making your life a whole lot easier? Video integration. Videos are a powerful asset for your project management that will help you to reach full potential with ease. They are more likely to engage the viewer than information in text formats. The simultaneous use of the visual and audio sense promotes retention and facilitates the grasping of complex concepts. Hence, the ultimate replenishment to trainings.

As a project manager you not only have to steer your team, you also have to consider necessary resources as well as creating a transparent plan that shows confidence in your strategy. Videos can therefore be designed to focus on skills required to handle a project, risk management, communication, conflict, strategic planning and budgeting. Before going into more specifics on how video integration can look like, let’s consider the 5 ultimate benefits of video integration.

5 Benefits of Integrating Videos

1. Comprehension & Integration

Projects are complex and so are the many resources a manager has to gather to work on it from integration to cost, quality, HR, Communications and stakeholder management. Videos can provide ideal tutorials for each of the resources, their content and purpose. Tutorials provide a quick overview of expectations and guidelines as they allow the viewer to grasp the concept in a few minutes.

2. Accessibility 24/7

An office where people are stuck in one room for a whole day have become a rarity. It is more likely to find your team members not only across the company building but maybe even scattered across the globe. Videos allow for 24/7 availability and grant the individual access to materials whenever its fits in their busy schedules.

3. Creative means to promote creative project management

You want your team to be more creative? Yet, providing information in traditional text-based forms may just do the opposite. Using innovative and creative “Know-How ” however, will accomplish a sense of creativity within the design that is easier to be transferred to the process.

4. Cost and Time Efficient

Project management videos let you collaborate with your team as well as clients and vendors. Available tools allow for low budget productions that produce expert explainer videos. Pre-designed templates facilitate the video creation and save time. Likewise, team members and clients can provide feedback, create their own videos or edit ideas when needed. Thus, the progress is monitored and becomes more cost and time efficient.

5. Personal Branding

Each project is unique and this should show in your management design. Videos can easily be personalised and individual touches enhance brand awareness. What better way to market and design a project by being creative and innovative in the design process.

How It Works

You have decided to be on top of the game and go with a video training approach? Now, where to go from here? First, it is important that a clear strategy is also visible throughout your videos. Tutorials in form of videos not only facilitate content comprehension, they likewise serve as a guide. Other video material should include tips and tricks that can be accessed whenever additional information is needed or a follow up is required. Project management itself consists of a series of actions you must take. Following this pattern in a video series therefore helps to establish and strengthens the material.

The basic guidelines of project management are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and finally closing. However as luck will have it, this clear structure easily blurs while working on the project. However, training your team with videos that provide tutorials for each of the steps will promote a more structured approach that facilitates keeping the structure in your project as well. Case studies can further provide comprehensible input and tips and tricks videos may power up the creativity. Using reflective videos will enhance feedback during the monitoring and controlling phase. Pitching an idea suddenly becomes an engaging task that allows your team to stick to the main idea and bring their point across.

All in favor of “teach what you preach “, you can uses video to train your team and reach the full PM potential.

Ensuring Success

  • Facts tell, stories sell

Your project needs creativity and you can already portrait this in your training videos. Create case studies and use storytelling to make the concepts comprehensible.

  • Visuals

Work along the saying: ” A picture says more than a thousand words “. That in mind, you can use symbols that will support retention and enhance recall of information.

  • Simplicity

Your trainees or co-workers are unlikely to remember complex topics when explained in a complicated matter. Try to cut it down, stick to the key message and then provide additional information in text form or videos to go into depths. Using chunks will increase the learning and retention.

Recommended Project Management Software

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