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PrommptPrommpt is a cloud-based project collaboration solution that enables project managers, program managers, and project portfolio managers to organize, monitor, manage, and report on multiple projects. Portfolio views, milestone trackers, stakeholder profiles, and other features allow project teams to get real-time project updates, status, and progress to help stakeholders make informed decisions.

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Prommpt : Features and Strengths

Project and Portfolio Management

Prommpt lets users divide and group projects in portfolios to easily monitor the entire portfolio at the top level. They can monitor progress and KPIs for separate independent or interdependent projects or multiple non-dependent projects. Users can also manage multiple portfolios, each containing multiple projects. A list view shows portfolio titles, projects inside the portfolio, timelines, budget, and milestone status. Users can then switch from the list view to the portfolio view for the projects belonging to the portfolio. Project leaders can add as many users and projects in a portfolio as needed without limits. Prommpt

Milestone Planning and Stakeholder Management

Prommpt uses a milestone trend analysis tool to help in the planning, managing, and documenting of deliverables. The tool makes it easy to review, keep track, and prioritize tasks, activities, or issues. It has a milestone tracker that enables users to record any data against the time of occurrence and include it in reports. The stakeholder management module enables users to enter information based on the power-interest matrix. It helps categorize the stakeholders into profiles displayed in a table. Users can easily analyze each stakeholder, keep track of their alignment with the project, and provide the appropriate communication and information flow.

EVA, Reporting, Mobile App, and more

Prommpt project collaboration software provides users with comprehensive project awareness, including top-level monitoring and core metrics. It has built-in earned value analysis (EVA) functionality to provide information on budget and expenditure in the context of time and progress. The EVA chart provides instant visual feedback on project status and performance indicators with more details in the right pane. The software has a comprehensive reporting module that auto-generates reports either in full detail or in selected segments appropriate for a specific audience. Users can generate reports at any stage in the project life cycle. They can easily select areas to include in the report and generate a formatted PDF report with all details and graphs. Users can also send the report by email directly from the app. The iPad app ensures a secure connection that automatically syncs to update information upon resumption of an internet connection. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

Prommpt Pricing

Prommpt pricing is available upon direct request from the company. Interested users are free to try for 3 months by signing up on the web. Users can try the web app and also download the iPad app from the Apple App store. Prommpt, Prommpt Enterprise, and Prommpt Pro editions are all scalable and secure project collaboration platforms. Back to top

Who Uses Prommpt?

Prommpt cloud-based software is for companies and organizations of all sizes in need of a collaborative project management solution. Customers include Enermeter, WYG Group (Tetra Tech), DGPAR, Commerzbank AG, TechHub Europe, and BAM. Back to top

Prommpt Supported Language

Prommpt supports English. No information is available for the support of other languages. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

Case Study

Germany-based APID was a member of a consortium of consulting engineers for a joint project between the Government of Mozambique and the Millennium Challenge Corporation. One of the responsibilities of the APID’s Technical Assistance Team was to collect, analyze, and verify the progress and financial data from the projects. The team was also responsible to generate KPIs to advise the client and enable informed decision-making. The team used Prommpt project collaboration software to monitor each project separately. Prommpt’s portfolio management feature provided summary reports of the projects and helped in the successful implementation of the programs. Back to top

Why Choose Prommpt?

Prommpt’s cloud-based project management platform ensures easy accessibility, real-time updates, and scalability for SMB and enterprise project teams. Companies are able to manage projects with minimum capital expenditures and rapid deployment. Its built-in core project and portfolio management functionality allow teams to take on any number of projects and configurations, track milestones closely against time and budget, and provide all stakeholders with detailed yet intuitive reports. Back to top

Company Info

Prommpt SaaS Ltd is a privately held software company with headquarters in Cologne, Germany. It was founded in 2017 by Marco Angermeier and Anton-Josef ‘Tony’ Angermeier. As project managers, Marco and Tony suffered from having to cope with many unsatisfactory tools of the trade. Frustrated, they gave up searching for the right tool and decided to build one themselves. Today, the company continues in its mission to make work easier for anyone who has to manage a project, collaborate with project team members, and participate in project execution. Take-me-to-their-Website

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