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People usually relate the word project management to the huge projects that most of the large companies run. Project management is one of the most popular professions these days especially among the youngsters as the pay scale of a project manager is very high as compared to other professionals. I am sure you better know about project management with regards to companies or businesses. Today, I am here to open a new door for you to think on. I shall discuss the project management with a completely new perspective and that is with respect to our daily life. Project management is not only a profession, it is much more that that so why don’t we apply it on our daily lives? How do you define project management? Most of the people define it by saying that it is the art of planning, organizing, leading and controlling all types of resources. If it is the main purpose of project management then we may also use it to plan, organize and control our personal assets and resources. Do you know we already do project management in our daily life without even knowing about it? Following are some of the main concepts of project management, which if used in our daily life might lead us towards success. In fact, a large number of people already follow them and are successful due to it. Time Management

Time management is an essence of project management as you cannot complete a project successfully without managing the time given to you. Almost every single person does time management in his daily life in one way or the other. We allocate various duties or responsibilities to our time period such as morning is the time to go for school, college or office. Noon is the time to take rest for a while, evening is the time to go out with friends and night is for rest. We also set deadlines or schedules for the preparation of our exams so indirectly we do project management every single day.

Remaining in Budget

Project managers first set a budget for the project and then remain stick to it and we do exactly the same. Even youngsters make budgets and spend money according to their budget. In the same way, we make home budgets home renovation budgets and the one which is the most favorite hobby of habits, kitchen budgets. All this is a part of project management.

Communications Management

Project managers give high emphasis on communication as efficient communication is the key to success and we also do the same. We interact with our friends, relatives and society in a positive manner and use our communication skills to maintain a good image in the mind of other people and to convince them on any matter.

These are just a few examples. We also do integration management, scope management, quality management, human resource management, risk management, procurement management etc in our daily life. It is another thing that we are not aware of it.

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