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It is very important to have a project management checklist before kick starting a project. This is true whether the project is a new one, being started from the beginning or a project which is already on. Either ways it is important to verify whether everything required for executing the project is in place and at hand. This article is aimed to help you make the checklist and ensure adherence to the items on the checklist.  Using the project management checklist would be useful as it would act as a tool to question the various parameters and factors in a structured manner.

The first aspect to address is the project management model to follow. It is important to identify the model to follow at the very beginning of the project. This would help in identifying the project objectives, goals etc.  The checklist mainly comprises a list of questions built around why, how, what and who, where and when.

The basic project management checklist is given below:

These are the basic questions to be asked and they can act as the starting point on which one can establish their own customized project management checklist. Obtain the answers to these checklist items so as to be completely clear about the project objectives, resources, dependencies, roles etc.

Radhika Chittoor

Radhika Chittoor

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