Project Identification


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What is Project Identification?

Project Identification

The key feature of this activity is recognizing that identifying candidate projects is something that an organization should do on a regular basis, not just once each year. Further, when examining projects for approval, it is vital to also examine the resource capacities and capabilities available for assignment. It is futile to assign a major new project requiring extensive discovery of business requirements if no business analysts are available. Project Identification proceeds Project Initiation.

Before analyzing project identification, keep in mind that identifying projects more regularly may be easier if an organization implements project management tools. PM software keeps managers and team members abreast of upcoming needs in the company, and it also shows teams what people and resources are available and best suited for a project. Project management tools also allow teams to manage risk more effectively. If a project will take significant time from a team’s already busy schedule, a PM tool will help managers decide exactly where and how that project should fit into the team’s priorities. Five of the best project management tools are listed below: keep them in mind when following the project identification process. They can help teams identify projects more frequently and better plan each stage. 

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