PRINCE2 2017 Update: What’s Changed?


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PRINCE2 has been a powerful tool since it was released in 1996 as a widespread project management method. This year has seen the first major update since 2009 so it is worth looking at what has changed now and what remains the same. The first important point to mention is that the overall goals of PRINCE2 remain the same as ever. It is still set up to be a way of managing projects in a consistent way. However, there are some main changes to take into account. The reason for the update taking place is given by AXELOS as being the evolution in business practices in recent years. This update is, therefore, designed to allow anyone running projects to make the most of PRINCE2 in a modern business setting. These changes have been implemented after consultation with AXELOS’ partners and users. A Change of Emphasis in Some Areas Known as the PRINCE 2017 update, this isn’t a wholesale change, but it does introduce some new ideas that need to be taken into account. If you are planning to take a PRINCE2 Course in London or elsewhere then you will want to find one that reflects this update. The overall change to take into account is a change in emphasis. This is seen in things such as a restructuring of the themes to accommodate specific examples of tailoring, as well as the clarifying of the link between themes and principles. The 2017 changes to PRINCE2 include the approach to the practical application of method, with a number of examples and handy tips added. A greater emphasis on tailoring reflects the fact that flexibility is a key issue in PRINCE2. Indeed, this is described by AXELOS as being a thread that now runs throughout the guidance as well as the training programme. In this way, it is now easier to understand how to tailor the methodology to each organisation. This includes guidance on the minimum requirements for a PRINCE2 project. This flexibility is also shown in the fact that you can get a PRINCE2 weekend London course to suit your working hours and lifestyle. Do I Need to Get Certified Again? If you are already certified under PRINCE2 then there is no need to get re-certified just because of this update. However, it is important to familiarise yourself with the changes. On the other hand, if you are planning on gaining PRINCE2 certification in the future then you will need to take into account the new information and the updated exams. It is worth noting that at the time of writing there is a crossover period between the existing PRINCE2 documentation and the 2017 update. However, from the 1st of January 2018 onwards it will no longer be possible to take an exam based on the old approach. Can I Get More Information? There is a useful FAQ document produced by AXELOS that goes through the PRINCE2 2017 update and explains everything clearly. Don’t forget that you can now get a PRINCE2 London training course that takes these changes into account. In this way, you can get started in the right way and soon be ready to claim the certification that opens up new career possibilities for you. Don’t forget that you also have the option of taking MSP Training Courses to learn how to run successful projects in any type of setting.

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