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PMSimplify-logoProjects and programs are the order of the day in most organizations. This has become the more common approach to accomplishing organizational goals. There are many benefits to be gained from the project approach such as increased levels of accountability, better time and resource management, and overall higher levels of efficiency. Therefore, it means that many professionals who were never trained in project management will now find themselves having to adapt to this new way of approaching tasks. It also means that many will require additional training, whether on the job, online, or going back to the classroom. Capitalizing on this, PMSimplify offers options in many areas for today’s professionals.


PMSimplify offers a number of project management related courses for individuals preparing for the PMP exam as well as for persons who just wish to acquire the necessary skills to be effective in their present professional role. They offer PMP bootcamps, PDU courses, PDU Bundles, ITIL and CBAP courses. The very comprehensive training packages are delivered via online, classroom or corporate training, based on the client’s preference. While they primarily offer the PMP preparation courses in four locations, which are Detroit, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Phoenix, they also deliver on-demand courses in other cities.

PMP Bootcamps

PMP bootcamps consist of 20 hours of classroom training plus additional material and training which add up to the mandatory 35 hours of training. The course is accredited by the Project Management Institute and designed to ensure maximum preparation for the PMP certification exam. The bootcamps typically last two days (Saturday and Sunday) and packages range from $700- $1250. Some packages include a pass guarantee.

ITIL Courses

The ITIL courses are accredited by EXIN and offered online for IT professionals and persons seeking to acquire a basic understanding of the ITIL framework. They were designed to serve the dual purpose of general education as well as exam preparation. The courses include multiple practice exams and 25 PMI PDUs. Course access ranges from 30-180 days (24 hour online access) at prices ranging from $150 – $250.

CBAP Courses

CBAP aspirants will find that the CBAP course offered by PMSimplify is very comprehensive and flexible as it is offered online with 365 days of access granted and a Course Completion Certificate is provided at the end of the course. The course covers the fundamentals of Business Analysis and then builds on these rudiments to the point of employing various techniques. It is accredited by PMI and upon completion, aspirants would have gained 25 ‘Category A’ PDUs.

PDU Bundles

PMSimplify also offers PDU bundles for those who wish to enhance their performance in various areas related to, and including, project management. Ranging from 20 to 60 PDUs, each bundles includes a combination of course that will help professionals to hone their skills in a number of essential areas. Areas covered include leadership, communication, six sigma and the essential project management courses. Students may choose the bundle that best suits their needs.

Corporate Packages

In keeping with the general flexibility of all their courses, PMSimplify also offers corporate packages for companies that want to have their staff trained on the job or in bootcamps. These bootcamps are organized and hosted by the corporate client while PMSimplify designs and delivers the training customized to meet the needs indicated by the client. Corporate clients may also choose the schedule that best suits their operations, whether weekdays or weekends. Special discounts are offered to corporate clients.

Benefits of PMSimplify 

PMSimplify is a one-stop shop for all project management related training. With accredited courses that are designed to suit almost every need and schedule, PMSimplify makes it easy to acquire certification. Persons who are seeking to equip themselves for today’s dynamic work environment will find the many online options flexible in schedule yet comprehensive in content. Their bootcamps are strategically designed to ensure that participants get the most out of each session. Those who seek to move on to further training will find that PMSimplify courses are the perfect springboard for a successful career.

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