Improve Organizational Communication with Project Management Software

Improve Organizational Communication with Project Management Software

Organizations manage external communication with stakeholders, partners, customers, and the general public to build and maintain relationships. They also manage internal communication among all employees to provide understanding, direction, and motivation. When communication within an organization is poor, lacking, or irregular, the message relayed outside of the organization also suffers in clarity or consistency. Organizational communication is the lifeblood of a company. It is a vital component needed by a business to survive and thrive.

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What is organizational communication?

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Members of an organization, such as executives, managers, and personnel of a company send and receive messages within a setting. They transmit messages via face-to-face conversations, in written form, or through electronic channels. Organizational communication refers to forms and channels of communication and the interaction among its members to achieve common and individual goals.

Why is organizational communication important?

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Organizational communication is both an activity and a channel. It describes the transmission of messages as well as the means by which the members send and receive them. A company whose members have a vibrant and articulate organizational communication are able to do the following effectively:

  • Accomplish tasks related to their roles and responsibilities
  • Understand and adapt to changes
  • Seek creative solutions individually and with teamwork
  • Develop relationships within the organization
  • Provide accurate, unbiased, and timely information
  • Acknowledge excellence and promote motivation

The role of communication in project management

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A project is a temporary initiative with its own unique setting. It has a defined objective or goal that a team or teams of individuals need to achieve within an allotted budget and a specified time period. For the project team to complete their tasks efficiently, they need to collaborate as a whole and perform well as individuals. Communication in project management ensures the clear and timely transmission and implementation of objectives, schedules, tasks, directives, and standards among the project team and all stakeholders.

Teams use project management software with collaboration tools so that they can easily communicate with all involved within the context of the project. Effective communication eliminates misunderstanding, delays, or rework. It also promotes efficiency, transparency, and quality, which are crucial for a successful project delivery. Project management software provides the channel for effective project communication.

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How to improve organizational communication with project management software

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Project management software can provide an organization ways to improve the level of activity and the quality of the channel for their organizational communication.

Centralizing inter-departmental communication around projects

Projects that involve several teams and departments can benefit greatly from using a project management software. The software eliminates silos that holds departmental information, allowing for greater visibility and more opportunities for collaboration. It can act as the central hub for all project plans, files, conversations, and other related information. Team members know exactly where to search, ask questions, and find answers to complete their tasks on time.

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Example use case

A non-profit organization launched a STEM programming project to help 4,000 students increase their interest in STEM fields. Inter-departmental communication was in the form of emails, paper, and people. They lost important details about who was responsible, when the date was, and why the program was pending. With the use of Kissflow project management software, they organized and centralized important information so everyone in the organization knew where everyone else was in the process.

Reporting of key metrics with project dashboards

Project management software supports organizational communication by informing all stakeholders of the status and progress of the project. It has dashboards and visual reports that relay updated information so the decision-making process becomes data-driven. Dashboards can also show senior management, finance departments, or human resources a variety of metrics and KPIs to show the state of day-to-day operations, business health, or work capacity. Communication of important data is quick, reliable, and highly visual from reports that are easy to generate and share.

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Example use case

A growing PR agency needed a way to see all the moving pieces in a steadily increasing number of projects. project management software provided a visual and customizable dashboard that displays all incoming requests, clients, project managers, and other details. At a glance, the executives could easily see the type of project, the best available personnel, and the projected duration to decide if they should accept the project, when to hire more resources, or how to manage their capacity.

Motivating employees with increased collaboration

When people are clear about their roles and responsibilities, they can focus on their task better. They know that for the whole project to succeed, all must succeed. They make sure that not only are they able to complete their tasks, but others who depend on their accomplishments are also able to complete theirs. Exchange of information happens with greater purpose and urgency. Project management software provides the communication channels where team members can ask questions and share ideas easily within the context of their work.

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Example use case

A digital design software company needed a work management software to help the marketing team bring products to market faster. Asana project management software allowed the company to streamline their process with project planning tools that use dependencies and timelines. Moreover, the built-in collaboration features allowed all involved to see the plan, their role, and their tasks, as well as that of other contributors and communicate with them. As a result, they have standardized their processes and plan product launches faster.

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Project management software for organizational communication?

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Companies can increase their organizational communication with project management software. They can take advantage of its centralized structure to organize communication. Dashboards provide at-a-glance reports that allow them to make timely decisions backed by data. PM software includes collaboration tools that provide the channel for quick and contextual communication for a smoother business process.

Recommended Project Management Software

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