OpenProject Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

OpenProject - logoOpenProject is an open source project management tool aiming to support users throughout the entire project life cycle. To accomplish this, OpenProject integrates a large number of features, such as Gantt charts, issue tracking, agile support and time / cost tracking. The project management tool has all the necessary features to: organize your work, plan your projects, support your scrum teams and document your valuable information. Even better, it delivers precise time tracking, and cost estimation. OpenProject supports you every step of the way.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Work Packages – this nifty feature gives you the power to track anything within your project. In turn, facilitating an adept understanding of the project’s status. Here is how you can use this feature. First use, create and manage work packages: project tasks can be clearly defined, prioritized and efficiently tracked so that you can keep up to date on progress. Second, adaptable work packages: pick work packages that fit the demands of the project. For example, choose work package types like task, bug or requirement with each package type having a customized field. Third, filter, group and analyse your work packages according to project requirements. Fourth, show the connection between work packages: their rank and their dependencies, like, follows, precedes and blocks.The list of work package functions continue. Use them to organize information under different tabs for a clear overview, attach documents to work packages and manage budgets per work package. Their array of functionalities will impress you.
  • Timelines – this is an interactive Gantt chart where you can set dates and link tasks with dependencies. There is the option to zoom, select and/or highlight pertinent details – like aggregation levels, grouping criteria, sub-project and work packages. However, each pertinent detail does not necessarily have the same interactive function.
  • Agile and Scrum, Wiki – The agile and scrum feature puts you in the driver’s seat to influence user stories in the sprint and backlog by using: digital task boards or burndown-charts, and printable story cards. Your execution of the project is easily managed by identifying project needs in the product backlog, sprint backlog and sprint. Furthermore, we all need to communicate with one another, which is the Wiki feature’s job.  Use it to write, attach images, videos or timelines so that everyone stays current.

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The first 30 days are free; committing to nothing, no contract, and no payment information is required. If you like OpenProject after 30 days, you simply need to subscribe to a plan. To know more about pricing, the image below explains OpenProject’s cost.


OpenProject - pricing

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Target Market

This tool is designed for any industry to assist project teams for the duration of the project. Whether you work in construction, software development or medical industry use this software to your advantage.

Supported Languages

OpenProject supports German, English, Spanish, French, Italian Portuguese and many more.

Some of Their Clients

Clients include Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, WDR, Wayra, congstar, Université de Namur, Aquaponics Lab and enactus Regensburg.

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OpenProject users say that they enjoy this software as it:

  • Facilitates communication:
    1. Great communication flow: Paulo Marini, Aquaponics Lab.
    2. Easy to connect with project teams in multiple locations: great support for scrum teams: Sven Hinderlich Deutsche Telekom AG
    3. Excellent project management transparency: Katia Joolokeni Leskelä, New Launch.
    4. Well organized annual reports: Veronika Schmidtner, enactus Regensburg e.V.
  • Is user friendly:
    1. Has all the needed features and functionalities – is easy to install: Gloria Shaw, Wayra (Telefonica’s Global Startup Accelerator).
    2. A great interface: Bruno Delcourt, University of Namur.

Why OpenProject

Is OpenProject the best fit for your company? Yes, if you’re interested in an open source, agile based, and user-friendly software. Here is how this program makes the project management process fluid:

  • Tasks are easy to generate with customizable fields.
  • Gantt charts are utilized to monitor single and multi-hierarchy projects.
  • Time tracking is possible for each project, and personnel costs can be monitored separately from unit costs.
  • There is excellent data security.

Consider that OpenProject does have learning curve. However, it’s worth it as you will profit from the Gantt chart and time / cost tracking feature.

Company Info

Since 2012, OpenProject has been collaborating to create a friendly and highly functional software program. OpenProject uses the software engineering company OpenProject GmbH to build their “state of the art technology”. They are governed by the OpenProject Foundation to make sure that input from the user and the community is considered during software development. Collaboratively, OpenProject is that software company that provides a multitude of services for implementation, software introduction and a great digital pace to masterfully complete your projects.

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