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Overview Presentation

OpenProject - logoOpenProject is a free and open source online project management software with collaboration features. With a full-time development team and active participation of a worldwide community of users, the online PM software was initially developed due to performance, security, and accessibility requirements not available from its predecessor projects Redmine and ChiliProject. It has evolved to become a powerful yet easy-to-use software with features that support teams throughout the entire project lifecycle in a secure environment.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project Planning and Task Management – OpenProject has project planning and scheduling tools that enable teams to easily define project objectives and specify work to be done related to scope. They can analyze required activities and create a detailed plan that shows how and when the project will provide the deliverables. It has Gantt chart, work packages and calendar views that can be shared with the project team. Individual team members can easily track their work and get results. Task management and team collaboration tools make it easy to organize tasks or assign them to another. It provides a task list, comments and history, and watchers to tasks who are informed by email about any updates.
  • Agile and Scrum – The online project management software makes it easy to plan, visualize, and communicate. The agile module is tightly integrated with roadmap planning, task management, and bug tracking modules. It has kanban-style task boards and a backlog view. There are several types of task boards available, e.g. status or assignee or version board. The module is also ready for agile teams who work with short development cycles. They can create and estimate stories, prioritize a sprint backlog, and track tasks.
  • Product Roadmap ‚Äì OpenProject allows users to share a product roadmap to stakeholders, get feedback, and break it down in a detailed release plan. It has roadmap and product timeline views that help in aligning product roadmaps to company product strategy.
  • Time Tracking, Cost Reporting, Budgeting, Bug Tracking, and more – OpenProject also has tools for time tracking, project budgets, and costs spent. Users can plan the cost of each project phase, and see how much of the allocated budget has been spent. They can create custom reports that provide insight into project performance and resource allocation. The software also has an excellent bug tracking feature that enables teams to capture, classify, and prioritize bugs. Other features include filters, custom workflows, and custom fields.
  • Bug Tracking, Wiki and more – The software also has an excellent bug tracking feature that enables teams to capture, classify, and prioritize bugs. Besides, OpenProject offers a Wiki feature to manage project documentation, references, guidelines, user manuals etc. in one central place that can be shared with the team and stakeholders. Other features include filters, custom workflows, and custom fields.

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OpenProject offers a forever free Community Edition that has to be installed by the user. It does offer an Enterprise cloud edition priced at 4.95 euros per user per month, with a minimum of 5 users. It has additional premium features compared to the Community Edition, such as SSO, multi-select custom fields, 2FA, and professional support, among others. If you are in the construction industry, the cloud edition also offers powerful BIM collaboration features with BCF management and IFC viewer for additional €1 per user.
The Enterprise on-premises edition is priced at 5.95 euros per user per month billed annually for a minimum of 5 users, and includes all Community, premium, security, advanced features and professional support. Multi-year plans allow for discounts.


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Target Market

OpenProject is applicable to a wide variety of industries and organization sizes. It is being used in the public sector, IT & technology, education and research industry as well as in manufacturing, health care, construction and non-profit.

Supported Languages

Supports more than 30 languages, including German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Some of Their Clients

Clients include DB Bahn, Siemens, Greenpeace, Deloitte, Linux Professional Institute, Infineon, Charité Berlin and Fraunhofer Society.

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Sven Hinderlich stated that OpenProject allowed them to utilize a project collaboration tool that connects project teams from different locations, as well as support their Scrum teams.

Alexander Kirschbaum described the online project management software as offering the best functionalities to support their team. So, they decided to migrate from Redmine to OpenProject.

Why OpenProject

OpenProject is a modern software that supports location independent multi-project management, team collaboration and communication tool. It is supported and guided by the OpenProject GmbH and an active open source community. Being based in Germany, OpenProject is highly committed to data security and privacy. Thus, it offers a secure OpenProject hosting as well as an on-premises version.

Company Info

OpenProject GmbH is the provider of OpenProject open source project management software founded in 2012. Among its responsibilities is maintaining the hardware and software infrastructure of, empowering the community, organizing, promoting, and communicating the benefits of the software, among others. One of its main objectives is to create a place for open source software, driven and inspired by users, the community, and the utilization of state of the art technology within a secure environment.


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