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Overview Presentation

OnlyOffice LogoONLYOFFICE is an open-source and cloud-based project and document management software developed by Ascensio System SIA. Formerly known as TeamLab Office, ONLYOFFICE is elegantly comprised of online document editors, CRM, Document and Project Management tools such as a Gantt Chart, an email aggregator, milestones and a project time tracker among others that are ideal for project management in small businesses. As an alternative to Microsoft Office, ONLYOFFICE is dependably used by over 10,000 clients globally to competently manage projects, documents as well as customer relations.

Features, Benefits and Product Strengths

  • Online Document Editors and Document Management – ONLYOFFICE has a comprehensive range of Online Document Editors developed in HTML5’s canvas element. They also have extensive support for numerous formats such as DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, DOCX and CSV among others. Similarly, its document editors support spreadsheet editing, simultaneous and collaborative editing, embedding documents into websites and mobile apps as well as document importation from Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive among others.
  • Elegant CRM System – To competently manage customer relations, business processes, track sales and evaluate the success of potential deals, ONLYOFFICE also has customizable and feature-packed CRM software. The CRM system enables users to successfully create invoices, embed web-to-lead forms on websites that automatically tap information on potential customers as well as efficiently send mass emails. Users can also add contacts from emails as well as view correspondences with clients from a CRM software database.
  • Efficient Project Management – ONLYOFFICE has a set of Office Apps for Project Management that include an innovative project hierarchy that embraces the use of milestones, tasks and sub-tasks to proficiently assist project managers in determining priorities and core objectives while undertaking project management. Likewise PM tools such as a Gantt Chart and a feature-set time tracker are efficaciously used in evaluating project progress and team performance respectively. ONLYOFFICE project management tools also enables its users to ingeniously create private projects and set access permissions for various module elements.

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ONLYOFFICE has subscription prices based on the number of portal users, ranging from a single user to 400 active users. However, one to four active users with a maximum of 8GB disk storage space get to enjoy a free service. Similarly, 5-10 active users with 20 GB disk storage pay $25 and $250 as monthly and annual payments respectively while other ONLYOFFICE users ranging between 11-20, 46-70, and 101-200 are entitled to 40 GB, 90 GB and 400 GB Disk Storage respectively with their monthly and yearly prices tabulated here. For every portal, users can opt to pay monthly or yearly where an annual payment in advance earns you a 2 month free of charge service. On the other hand, non-profit organizations and educational institutions can use ONLYOFFICE for free.


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Target Market

As a cloud-based software, ONLYOFFICE mainly targets small and medium sized businesses.

Supported Languages

Among the 20 supported languages by ONLYOFFICE include English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Latvian, Finnish, Ukrainian, Greek, Czech among others. However additional languages such as Arabic (United Arab Emirates), Chinese (Traditional), Hebrew, Hindi and Catalan will soon be integrated.

Some of their Clients

Some of the esteemed global clients of ONLYOFFICE include the American Red Cross, Prime Italia, High Play Institute, Centria, Natalie Bramble Consultants and Louisville Public Schools.

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Clarence Chamorro, Systems Administrator and QA team leader at SdSol Technologies chose ONLYOFFICE stating that it is one of the few collaboration tools that has meet all of the needs of their growing business.

On the same note, CMS Wire described ONLYOFFICE’s Project Management Tools to be perfect for fast and medium-sized projects, comparing its simplicity to shopping on Amazon.

Dmitri Markov described ONLYOFFICE Apps as useful tools essential in managing multiple tasks in group or team projects.


Efficiently handling of PM documents demands for the effective use of Office and PM related software. As a single multi-featured system, ONLYOFFICE efficiently optimizes PM documentation without getting its users to toggle between multiple applications. Similarly, ONLYOFFICE Office Portal is not only extremely cost efficient, but also reliable and compliant with security standards. Other features that make it a first choice cloud-based service include a two-step verification, a 10-day automatic data backup and a 256-bit AES encryption to protect your portals.

Company Info

ONLYOFFICE is a multi-functional cloud based business service developed Ascensio System SIA. Established in 2008, the privately owned and Latvia based company is primarily centred on offering software-as-a-service (SaaS) as well as server-based services that are reputable project management tools and online collaboration software for small and medium sized businesses. Currently, Ascensio System SIA also specialises in enterprise collaboration and business automation.

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