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ONLYOFFICEONLYOFFICE is an open-source office productivity suite that offers online document editors, sharing, and collaboration via the web, desktop, and mobile apps. With more than 10 million users worldwide, ONLYOFFICE Docs is a multi-tenant collaborative document editor for creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and online forms highly compatible with MS Office file formats. ONLYOFFICE Workspace is a versatile business suite that includes web apps such as email, CRM, project management, calendar, and Docs for a complete office productivity solution.

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ONLYOFFICE : Features and Strengths

Online Document Editors

ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.1 is an online document editor for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentation slides. Users can create these documents, as well as PDFs, ready-to-fill-out forms, and numerous other document types. The software supports many popular Office and Open document formats as well as PDF, TXT, RTF, HTML, EPUB, CSV, ODF, and OOXML. It includes multiple formatting tools that allow users to insert and edit complex objectsas well as working with plugins like DocuSign, Twilio, and WordPress to enhance user experience. ONLYOFFICE offers a native PDF reader, as well as supporting PDF-to-DOCX conversion to enable editing.

Collaboration and Customization

In addition to supporting any syncing/sharing platform as well as DMS services like WordPress, Jira, Nextcloud, and others, ONLYOFFICE allows users to customize how team members access and collaborate on documents with flexible permission options. Users can choose from edit, review, comment-only, form fill-out, or review modes. They can also restrict copying, downloading, and print options. Public sharing is another option. It includes 2 co-editing modes, the ability to track changes and accept or reject them, and version history with the option to recover previous versions. Once complete, ONLY OFFICE documents can support multiple permissions levels and form fills. ONLYOFFICE’s robust editing and markup tools include document comparison, accept or reject changes one-by-one or all at once, merge changes, and save changed documents as new versions. Users can also tag co-authors, leave comments, or communicate in real time using a built-in chat tool.


ONLYOFFICE Cloud Service offers its users two levels of storage. At the PERSONAL and STARTUP levels, users can access up to 2 GB of storage per portal, while its BUSINESS tier gives each user up to 100 GB/year.

Cloud Workspace

ONLYOFFICE Workspace v12.0 provides a bundle of web apps for team management and online collaboration. Users can opt to run it in the cloud or on-premise using their own servers. It includes ONLYOFFICE Docs for business documentation. It also has an email system with support for common email protocols, and a CRM tool with workflows that range from lead generation to order fulfillment. Workspace has a built-in project management tool complete with Gantt charts, task management, and time tracking. It also includes personal and team calendars that users can share and sync with other calendar programs.

Advanced Features

ONLYOFFICE’s advanced features make it a worthy competitor to Microsoft Office and other productivity tools.
  • Fillable form creation
  • Data security features including data encryption and watermarking
  • Integrations with OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Twitter, Facebook, Docusign, Twilio, and more
  • VIP cloud for enterprises
  • iOS- and Android-native apps
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ONLYOFFICE Cloud Service delivers web apps and storage from the cloud and is available in three pricing tiers.
  • ONLYOFFICE’s cloud-based Personal tier delivers a full-features offering free for a single user, making it an attractive option for students, and freelancers.
  • Small teams (five users or fewer) can use ONLYOFFICE’s free STARTUP plan, which adds security features, additional tools, and more advanced integrations.
  • Teams needing ONLYOFFICE’s full functionality should look at the BUSINESS PLAN, which supports teams as small as three members with the solution’s full spectrum of productivity, collaboration, security, and integration features. Pricing starts at $5.user/month.
  • Schools and non-profit organizations can use ONLYOFFICE’s Cloud Service free.
ONLYOFFICE offers self-hosted solutions as well.
  • The Community versions of ONLYOFFICE Docs and ONLYOFFICE Workspace are available free for teams of up to 20 users.
  • Scalable enterprise versions of ONLYOFFICE Docs and Workspace can be hosted on your own servers through a lifetime license for each server the solution is deployed on.
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ONLYOFFICE is ideal for businesses of all sizes in need of a collaborative online document editing platform or a collaborative productivity suite to run the business. The solution is suited to use by SMBs and enterprises, as well as organizations and institutions in the education, government, nonprofits, research, healthcare, software development, and cloud hosting sectors. Customers include UNESCO, Red Cross France, Oracle, Fujitsu, Paris-Sud University, University of Strasbourg, GenScript, AARNet, and Thomson Reuters. Back to top

ONLYOFFICE Supported Languages

The ONLYOFFICE interface is available in 23 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Latvian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Turkish, Greek, Polish, Czech, simplified Chinese, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Finnish, Portuguese, Azeri, Korean, Japanese, Slovenian, Dutch, and Slovak. Back to top

Case Studies

Christian Hartmann, 2nd Chairman of a sports society from a small German town, stated that the society was already using Nextcloud client-server software for creating and using file hosting services. They needed a collaboration tool to help promote sports and cultural activities. ONLYOFFICE integrated very well with Nextcloud and MS Office formats such that during the pandemic, the society was able to maintain and improve collaboration where employees were able to edit documents and lists online in real time. Antonius Nata is the company director of an oil and gas industry contractor company in Indonesia. The company provides engineering, procurement, fabrication of parts, and maintenance services in oil refineries. It was looking for a platform for document sharing and collaboration to allow employees to easily work with documents and invoices. ONLYOFFICE increased efficiency dramatically. Now, employees can share and access documents, and work together on the same files. Back to top


ONLYOFFICE is the preferred document solution of different businesses and organizations for its ease of setup and administration. Many technology companies and education institutions use the solution for its publicly available source code, security features, seamless collaboration, easy integration, and flexibility via plugins. Currently, it has also launched a bounty program for ethical hackers to help discover potential bugs and vulnerabilities. Back to top

Company Info

ONLYOFFICE is a product of Ascensio System SIA, an international open-source IT company with headquarters in Riga, Latvia, and offices in London, Dallas, Singapore, and Armenia. The company was founded by Lev Bannov in 2009. Initially called TeamLab, ONLYOFFICE started as a project for internal team collaboration. After a successful reception and positive feedback from a wider online community, the company further expanded its functionality to provide users across industries with collaborative online document editors and a complete productivity suite. Back to top

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