ONLYOFFICE Launches New iOS App and Enterprise Edition

onlyoffice logoONLYOFFICE open source cloud office solution recently announced exciting new updates and offers for its thousands of customers worldwide. In its commitment to enable its users to manage projects, documents and customer relations using a single multi-featured system, it has released updated versions of its iOS Documents app and a new server-hosted solution. All these new features will allow users to better organize their work, thereby improving productivity and optimizing efforts toward success.

New Documents 1.2 for iOS

ONLYOFFICE cloud business service provides a multi-platform solution that also runs on iOS devices. In the past, users have been managing and editing documents stored in portals and other cloud services connected to the system via their iPhones and iPads. The new Documents 1.2 compatible with iOS 8.0 or higher adds new features that allow users to not only view and edit .docx files, but also view spreadsheets, PDFs and presentations.

onlyoffice ios1-2

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The latest iOS app that runs on iPhone 5 and up as well as the iPad includes a new spreadsheet viewer, a presentation viewer, a PDF viewer and importing tools. Now, it is easier to view and also manage the different documents in one’s iOS device. For instance, users can copy files from their iTunes account or other office apps to ONLYOFFICE with just a few taps. Version 1.2 is about 82 MB, which also includes other general improvements and bug fixes.

onlyoffice ios1-2b

New Enterprise Edition

ONLYOFFICE cloud office solution has offered in the past a SaaS edition and also a server-hosted edition for more options. Very recently, it has added a second option in its server-hosted line of products with its Enterprise Edition. It is distributed under a commercial proprietary license that allows for deployment under the customer company’s brand. This provides users who opt for a system deployed in their own corporate servers a solution that has more personality, more reliability, and more editing features.

onlyoffice enterprise

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Enterprise Edition plans and prices are based on the number of active users. They are available as a 3-year subscription with one year primary support included. It comes with all the functionality of the open source solution, with all modules and tools, including a direct access to the Control Panel. The Control Panel is a set of tools for quick and easy configuration. Users can easily update their software, backup data, and restore it, while running on a more secure protocol that also allows custom branding.

onlyoffice enterprise2

Further more, the Enterprise Edition also includes the latest Online Document Editors Version 3.5 that includes features such as version history, commenting, and integrated chat. It also has mail merge for easily creating multiple personalized letters; text art that can be used inside documents, spreadsheets, and presentations; named ranges for assigning notations on cell ranges, and the ability to easily add, modify or remove available styles. To deploy ONLYOFFICE Enterprise edition, users can use images for virtual machines such as VMware, VirtualBox or Hyper-V, or use Docker Image. A special Enterprise Edition offer, free of charge, is available for teams of up to 5 users who will subscribe before December 31, 2015.

For more of the latest ONLYOFFICE updates and features, visit their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ page.

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