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OneNote is Microsoft’s digital note-taking application that works across platforms and devices, including on the web. Users can jot down ideas, to-dos and other forms of information and bring it wherever they go. It is also built for collaboration so that users can share it to family, schoolmates, co-workers and other people where they can view and edit notes. It is an organizational tool with additional features and integrations with other applications.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Free-form Information Gathering – Unlike word processing applications, OneNote allows users to enter information on a virtually unbounded document window, without any enforced page layout or structure. Users can type text, create handwritten notes, tables, and insert photos and digital images into pages of a tabbed electronic version of a ring-binded notebook. Moreover, users are allowed to move pages within the notebook, add annotations with word processing or drawing tools. They can embed audio and video recordings. Instant search allows users to find anything they have created or saved.
  • Multi-user Capability – Microsoft’s digital note-taking application automatically saves data. With built-in collaboration functionality, it allows more than one user to work on the same page at the same time, using it as a virtual whiteboard. But it also enables users to edit notes offline with a separate offline copy, synchronizing and merging data once connection is available and established. It is up to the user to share the notebook so that it is available on other computers or on the web.
  • Cloud-service API, Email, Clipper and more – OneNote API allows integration with more than 25 third-party apps. Some of these are apps from Brother, Epson, Genius, eQuil and LiveScribe. There are also integrations with AutoCAD, IFTTT, an Evernote importer, with WordPress, and Zapier. Users can send content from their inbox directly to OneNote by emailing at They can also clip an entire web page or just a part of it and view it later, online or offline, with the Clipper free app. Another way is to use Microsoft Edge, the new browser for Windows 10, by writing notes directly on the web, and then sharing it to OneNote. Users can take photos of documents and whiteboards with Office Lens on their smartphones and tablets.

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OneNote is for free for all versions on different devices.

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Target Market

OneNote is for individuals, teams, and schools; for personal, academic and professional use.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

OneNote is available as a free single application or as part of Office. According to a Microsoft 2013 blog, there are over 1 billion MS Office users. Actual OneNote users, however, are undetermined.

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Mohammed Anzil described its integration with other Office products as a great feature for business.

Jeffrey Battersby described it as a powerful note-taking app, intuitive and versatile for creating sophisticated, multi-layered notes. The best version is the one running on Windows platform, naturally. However, it does not provide a “capture-it-all” versatility found in Evernote, but it has the right tools for organizing notes.

Why OneNote

OneNote is a free app that runs across platforms and devices. It is best for creating notes from scratch, and having them organized well into sections and notebooks. The 2016 version also has additional features like taking web clippings, sending notes from email, and inserting videos on the page.

Company Info

OneNote is a product of Microsoft, a publicly traded software company with headquarters in Redmond, WA, USA. It was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Its name came from the words microcomputer and software, developing and selling BASIC for the Altair microcomputer. It then formed a partnership with IBM to sell and become the dominant PC OS manufacturer with MS-DOS and MS Windows. From there, Microsoft has expanded to bring the Office suite, Internet Explorer, and other software, as well as game console Xbox and Surface tablets. It went public in 1986, has made more than a hundred acquisitions, and has been considered as one of the most successful startup companies of all time.

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