Office Timeline Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

Office Timeline is a PowerPoint add-in that enables users to create professional-looking timelines and Gantt charts easily. Project plans often get updated because of a variety of factors. However, it can be complex to work on project planning software, especially when what needs to be presented only are the important timelines and milestones. Spreadsheets may be easy to use, but it does not deliver the right visuals for a good presentation. Now, there is an easier way to create impressive timelines and charts using familiar software.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Selection of Graphics and Layout – Office Timeline has free templates that users can instantly use or customize to create impressive presentation. They can choose templates for marketing plans, project development, weekly work schedule, project plan, and dozens more. Different styles are also available, such as Gantt, phases, modern, and others.
  • Easy to Use – This PowerPoint add-in is simple and easy to use. After downloading and installing it, a new tab appears in PowerPoint. From there, users can start from scratch or pick a template. A timeline wizard makes it simple. Next, enter data such as key milestones and tasks, and set the dates. Then click the Create button, and the timeline will be instantly created. They can then customize colors, shapes, date formats, and others to create impact.
  • Free Download, Premium and Web options, and more – Office Timeline can be downloaded for free. No sign-up is required. There is also a premium version called Office Timeline Plus with additional import and sync features, as well as graphics. An online version called Pincello allows users to create timelines using only their web browsers. The graphics created with this online app can be downloaded to PowerPoint and edited in Office Timeline.


Office Timeline is available for download free. The premium Plus version is priced at $59 for 1-year license. It includes additional graphics, Excel and MS Project import, unlimited product updates, and free technical support. The Pincello Plus plan is also priced at $59 for 1-year license. Features include automatic updates, online access, cloud storage, drag and drop, and more. A free 14-day Plus trial is offered.

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Target Market

Office Timeline is for individuals and companies that needs an easier and simpler way to create timeline presentations. The application is compatible with PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and Office 365.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

No client information is available, but about 500,000 professionals in enterprises around the world are using the software.


Lars Bendixen stated that Office Timeline Plus has enabled him to create unique, impressive timelines. Clients and prospects easily understand them, and he can update it real-time.

Kegan Copas stated that the add-in has allowed him to present vibrant but uncomplicated Gantt charts of project plans to executive levels. Also, the import and sync functionality is a must-have for his requirements.

Why Office Timeline

Office Timeline is a simple-to-use, free software that transforms PowerPoint into a powerful project timeline presentation maker. It has a great selection of graphics, templates, and style layouts that allows a user to create impressive timeline slides in just a few steps.

Company Info

Office Timeline LLC is a privately held computer software company based in Bellevue, WA, USA. It was founded in 2012 by Tim Stumbles, CEO; and Eddy Malik, CTO. Tim and Eddy used to work in Microsoft. During that time, they were always preparing and updating project visuals for client and executive meetings. They had an idea of doing things better, so they left Microsoft and started their own company. Their goal was to build software that is innovative, simple, easy to use, and works with tools that people are already using. They are committed on delivering graphics-based project applications and web services that are simple, familiar, and impressive.

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