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Selecting a new project management solution for your organization is a big deal. While reading product descriptions can give you helpful insights into product features, it can be hard to predict what exactly you can expect from a new software product until you’ve tried it out yourself. Skip the guesswork instead and read on to learn all about the pros and cons of Nifty project management software. 

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Nifty Pros & Cons at a Glance

Multiple task view options to choose from (Read more)
Numerous ways to collaborate and communicate with teammates (Read more)
Time-saving project templates (Read more)

Third-party app authorizations need occasional attention (Read more)
Template options can be limited (Read more)
Specific functionality limitations (Read more)

Nifty is a project management platform for collaborative teams looking to consolidate tasks, files, documents, and team discussions in one place. Nifty’s functionality is diverse, empowering teams to manage, schedule, and view project essentials through customizable views. 

Overall, Nifty offers users a wide range of features and pricing plans compared to many software offerings  – making it a great all-in-one solution for teams looking to consolidate their tech stack without sacrificing functionality. Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, Nifty can be easily scaled to fit your unique needs. 

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Ability to break down complex projects

For users managing large projects or projects with multiple variables, Nifty allows users to break down tasks into subtasks and link task dependencies. Workflow processes help users map out tasks and task dependencies that can be visualized in multiple formats. 

A screenshot of tasks and subtasks in Nifty.
Subtasks and task dependencies allow users to link tasks together as part of a larger project goal, shown above. Source: Nifty, accessed June 2023. 

View tasks your way

When tackling various projects and tasks, you’ll want the flexibility to organize project information on your terms. From Gantt charts to Kanban boards, there are numerous ways to view tasks within Nifty – including three types of short and long-term project goal visualizations through Roadmaps, Milestones, and Workload features. 

A sample of timeline view in Nifty
Nifty’s Timeline view allows you to visualize your team’s progress against project goals. Source: Nifty, accessed June 2023.

Collaboration is key

One of the main reasons that organizations choose to utilize a project management platform is to enhance collaboration – and Nifty excels at helping teams stay connected. Nifty offers users multiple ways to stay in touch, from instant messaging to task tagging, and even the ability to create action items directly from chat conversations.

A screenshot of Nifty's discussion space.
Nifty’s Discussion space is a place for teams to instant message, collaborate, and even create action items, shown above. Source: Nifty, accessed June 2023. 

Time-saving templates

If you’re just getting started with project management software for the first time, designing a new project from scratch can be an intimidating task. Luckily, Nifty offers users pre-made project templates to utilize based on intended use, including templates for client collaboration, design and development, marketing, and more. 

A screenshot of pre-made project templates in Nifty.
Pre-made project templates make it easy to select and set up a new project in minutes, shown above. Source: Nifty, accessed June 2023. 

Numerous personalization options

If your team requires a project management solution that’s just as flexible and agile as you are, Nifty has a lot to offer. From custom task columns to personalized board views, task automation, and even time and date customization options, Nifty makes it easy to set up boards that are unique to each team and individual user’s needs.

A screenshot of custom fields in Nifty.
Nifty empowers users to organize data their way with customization options such as custom fields, shown above. Source: Nifty, accessed June 2023.

Built-in time tracking

Unlike many project management software products, Nifty offers numerous features for time tracking. Not only can users track their time spent on tasks, but view their time breakdowns over extended periods of time and access real-time insights about time tracking across projects and tasks. 

A screenshot of time tracking function in Nifty.
Nifty’s time-tracking functionality allows users to track time spent per project and access insights about time-tracking trends over time, shown above. Source: Nifty, accessed June 2023. 


Limited direct integrations

While Nifty does offer users the ability to integrate over 2000+ apps, most of those are only available to users through 3rd party integration services, such as Zapier. The downside for users is that indirect integrations include an additional cost, which can add up quickly for teams who are expanding or relying on numerous integrations. 

Slight learning curve for new users

While a slight learning curve is to be expected for new users of any software, mastering Nifty’s layout and more advanced functionality can be time-consuming – especially for users who are new to project management software at large. 

Authorization needs occasional attention

Integrations through third-party apps need reauthorization from time to time which can be annoying for users. 

Template options can be limited.

For users looking for a wide range of templates, Nifty can leave something to be desired compared to template offerings from other software providers. 

Project template sample in Nifty.
An example of project template options from Nifty, shown above. 

Specific functionality limitations

Users with specific project management needs may struggle with Nifty’s limited functionality concerning tagging, file recovery, and file conversion. Nifty currently does not allow users to tag tickets for tasks, bugs, or subtasks, which can complicate the ticket management process for more technical teams who rely on the system. 

An Alternative to Nifty

If you’re not quite sold on Nifty, ClickUp is another project management software with numerous perks. ClickUp is hailed as a user-friendly project management tool with a minimal learning curve. While the general setup, style, and functionality of ClickUp are similar to what you can expect with Nifty, it lacks some of the downsides. For example, ClickUp offers nearly 50 native integrations that are available to users at no additional cost. 

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