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monday sales CRM

monday sales CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system designed for sales teams of any size. Running on the monday Work OS platform, it helps business owners, sales leaders, sales teams, and account managers increase their sales revenue while simplifying administrative tasks and improving team productivity.

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What Can monday sales CRM Do?

Streamline Operations with One Tool

monday sales CRM is an easy-to-use tool that can streamline existing sales processes. Sales teams can track client communications throughout the entire sales cycle while connecting marketing activities and after-sales projects using the same tool. It has versatile lead capturing features that captures information through integration with existing tools, by adding forms on a website, or by manual entry.

Teams can easily manage their sales activities by logging calls, documenting meetings, or recording notes so the team can quickly review the current status of a lead or contact in the sales cycle. They can also keep records of contacts and accounts, sync with their email tools, and get automatic notifications of any email activity, such as when leads open or reply to an email. Users can connect it with many tools through integration and API to reduce switching between tabs or apps.

Identify Growth Opportunities

monday sales CRM provides sales teams an intuitive tool that they can quickly adopt. This allows sales managers to get a better view of team performance and make informed decisions to help teams achieve their goals. Its Team Goals features enable managers to look at a team’s quota attainment over time, track wins, and view goals — for a specific team member or for the whole team.

Sales forecasting features let users set deal values and close probabilities, and teams can generate reports to compare forecasts against actual sales, with the option to examine a forecast by month, by sales rep, or by another criterion. Other tools that can help team growth include custom dashboards, headcount planning, and team onboarding to fast-track the sales team hiring and training process.

Hit Goals Faster

monday sales CRM is a modern tool that helps users optimize work and simplify administrative jobs. Its no-code workflow automations handle manual work so teams can spend more time selling. It has deal management capability that lets users create custom pipelines without coding, and its visual boards enable teams to drag and drop deals between stages.

Sales teams are automatically notified via an email tracking feature so they can provide timely follow-ups. They can choose from pre-built email templates that the CRM software personalizes using autofill based on contact information. Other features include team activity management and client contact management.

Retain Customers, Grow Relationships

monday sales CRM helps promote lasting customer relationships. Teams can quickly reference a past client communication so customers never have to repeat themselves or feel unimportant, and sales team leaders can monitor accounts and see if the accounts are doing well or at risk.

Customized dashboards allow managers to quickly view accounts and manage related projects. These dashboards quickly aggregate and display deal progress information, sales figures, and team performance, and with a 360-degree view of customers, teams can act quickly to connect with customers and improve engagement.

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monday sales CRM Pricing

monday sales CRM pricing is available in different plans for teams and companies with different CRM requirements. Customers can opt to pay yearly with a discount or monthly, and you can try any of the plans for free for 14 days. All plans include unlimited pipelines, contacts, boards, and read-only viewers and start with a minimum of three seats.

  • The Basic CRM plan is $9 per seat, per month billed annually (or $12.50 per seat billed monthly). It’s ideal for organizing leads, contacts, and deals across teams. It has ready-made templates, a customizable dashboard based on just one board, and mobile access.
  • The Standard CRM — at $12 per seat, per month billed annually — includes all features in the Basic CRM plan and additional features such as advanced account, contact and deal management, Gmail and Outlook integration, activity management, quotes and invoices, custom CRM automation and integration actions, and more inclusive dashboards.
  • The Pro CRM — at $19 per seat, per month billed annually — includes all Standard CRM features plus sales forecasting, email tracking and automations, sales analytics, Google Calendar sync, flexible dashboards, and higher number of automation and integration runs.
  • There’s also an Enterprise CRM plan that has advanced features like account management, lead scoring, team goals, multi-level permissions, and advanced analytics, among others, and you can contact monday’s sales team for a quote.

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Who Uses monday sales CRM?

monday sales CRM is for businesses of all sizes in need of a customizable sales CRM software. Its automation and integration capabilities make it a preferred product by teams who would rather spend time on leads and prospects than on administrative and technical tasks. Customers include Uber, Hulu, Genpact, Frontier, Zippo, Nissan, Oscar, Ray White, and Deezer.

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monday sales CRM Supported Languages

monday sales CRM, through the platform, supports English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.

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How Do Customers Use monday sales CRM?

Kyle Dorman is the department manager for operations at a large real estate services company with an office serving the Victoria/Tasmania area. The company provides residential and commercial services that range from sales to rentals. One of the frustrations of Dorman and team is not having the right CRM for their business needs. Another Australian branch introduced them to monday sales CRM and it was a game-changer for Dorman.

The operations team is able to customize the CRM on top of the Work OS to fit the needs of their day-to-day activity. In fact, they now have over 1,200 different automations and integrations running on the CRM, with a workflow of automated emails, notifications, and prompts for the sales teams to follow up on certain steps. They also continue to see increased efficiency in managing admin tasks while using the software for lead management, checklists, and other processes.

Yoav Banai is the Vice President of Customer Engagement for a global music streaming service based in Paris. The company needed to improve the focus and relevance of each CRM campaign to improve its relationship with its customers, and their CRM software had grown outdated. So there was little to no collaboration happening between the teams, and activity slowed to a halt.

Banai started to integrate the company’s old request pipeline into monday sales CRM and slowly migrated all the processes over. With monday, the team has become more engaged, creating and requesting more campaigns. With a centralized CRM, everyone has visibility and can collaborate more — teams in Saudi Arabia can see the campaigns of teams in Istanbul, so they can effortlessly share ideas with encouraged inspiration.

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Why Choose monday sales CRM?

monday sales CRM is a business tool that enhances sales and marketing efforts. It is highly customizable so companies can tailor the software to fit specific business needs. With monday sales CRM, users can:

  • Create custom pipelines and stages to track leads and prospects according to their own sales process
  • Automate workflows to reduce manual tasks
  • Integrate with popular apps and services for seamless data transfer
  • Get real-time analytics and insights for performance monitoring and decision-making

These features and capabilities can result in improved efficiency and productivity, increased visibility to identify areas of improvement, and better business outcomes.

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Ready to Try monday sales CRM?

monday sales CRM builds on’s project management platform to give sales teams a flexible, intuitive, and centralized system to track and manage all aspects of the sales process. For users looking for a solid CRM system that is easy to set up and use, give monday sales CRM a try.

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