Make Your Workday Easier With These 10 Chrome Extensions

Chrome continues to lead the world browser market. Of course, it helps that Google is a popular search engine, and other products like Gmail are also popular. Therefore, the trust in the brand made it easy for people to try Chrome. Consequently, many of those who tried found that they had a better experience than the browser that came with their desktop OS. Another reason is because of the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome was one of the first to have a dedicated store for buying or trying out applications called Chrome extensions that help enrich the user’s web browsing experience. Chrome extensions are lightweight software programs that enhance existing functionality or add new features. For the work professional or the business owner, it is a simple and cost-effective way of getting an added capability to perform a job function more efficiently or even improve work output significantly.

10 Chrome Extensions for Work

The Chrome Web Store is a huge storehouse of applications that hosts almost 200,000 extensions and web apps. Thankfully, there is a way to categorize these extensions, whether you are looking for a serious developer tool or something for fun and entertainment. You can also further filter if you are looking for something that can run offline or works with the Android platform. Here are some of the top rated Chrome extensions in various categories and in no particular order that can help in your day-to-day work.

1. Downloader for Instagram

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing platform where people who have an account can upload photos or videos to share with their audience or followers. Marketing teams use the platform to reach a wider audience. However, if you need to download photos, videos, and stories to your desktop, the Downloader for Instagram Chrome extension will let you do this easily. And although its main function is for downloads, it also has additional features such as batch download, photo upload, viewing Live, and sending direct messages to your followers.

2. Full Page Screen Capture

Today’s websites are being viewed and designed not only for the desktop but also for mobile devices. As such, the layout and the content are now more vertical than horizontal. When we need to capture a full page, it becomes difficult because of the horizontal orientation of the desktop. Full Page Screen Capture is a helpful Chrome extension that easily captures the full web page in one click. It can capture most of the challenging pages, and it supports multiple image formats.

3. GMass

Gmail is a popular free web email that holds 20 percent of the global email market, which is about 1.2B monthly active users in 2018. GMass is a Chrome extension that allows you to add a mass email and mail merge functionality in your inbox. You can use it for sending marketing campaign emails, for scheduling mass emails at a later time, and mail merge with data from Google Sheets. It even has reports.

4. Point

The web contains a great amount of information that there is always some information worth sharing. We have many ways to share today, and Point is another one that works using email contacts. It allows you to send a link without leaving the page or app you are in. It appears alongside what you are trying to share, so it is simple and easy to use, without complex navigation. It saves everything you send or receive in your inbox, but it does not record or manipulate your browsing activity.

5. SearchPreview

When looking at search engine results page, it is helpful to see images as well as information on how popular the site is. SearchPreview, previously known as GooglePreview, is a Chrome extension that inserts preview images or thumbnails of web sites into search results pages. It supports Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Alexa data is used for the popularity ranking.

6. Grammarly

We all need the help we can when we are writing, especially when our minds are moving faster than our fingers. A simple solution is Grammarly Chrome extension. It is like having an AI-powered proof reader residing in your browser. It offers suggestions, gets your attention to spelling and grammar mistakes, and offers an improved word choice, among others. It is compatible with text fields in most websites, so whether you are writing email on a web mail or posting a comment on social media, Grammarly is there to assist.

7. Save to Pocket

If there is more to read than time permits in one place, you can continue by using the Save to Pocket Chrome extension. It allows you to capture articles, videos, and other information that you find on the web. When you Save to Pocket, you save the content in a collection that you can easily get back to across your devices. So, you can continue reading that article on the way home while commuting, or when you are finally at home.

8. Picture-in-Picture

Google’s Picture-in-Picture Chrome extension is a way for users to watch videos in a separate floating window that you can place anywhere your screen. It is handy when you need to watch a video but also multitask with other applications or interact while on another site.

9. Hypothesis

Hypothesis a non-profit with a noble mission to enable open conversation for a wide group of people, including teachers and students, scholars and scientists, publishers, journalists and editors. The Hypothesis Chrome extension allows users to collaboratively annotate, highlight and tag web pages, PDF documents and EPUB formats using another layer of communication, even when the original page or document does not allow comments.

10. Tab Resize

Tab Resize is a very handy way to display tabs in your Chrome browser into a separate browser window. You have options to set the orientation and size of the windows your tabs will appear in. It also supports multi-monitor feature.


Chrome, through its extensions available in the web store, gives its users a great number of choice and much convenience. User are able to work the way they want and still be efficient and productive with the help of these lightweight programs. However, every now and then, browser updates affect the functionality of these extensions, so keep in mind that support may be light to non-existent as well.

Jose Maria Delos Santos

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