LiquidPlanner – A New Daily Limit Feature

LiquidPlannerThe LiquidPlanner team brings understanding customer needs to a new level with their new Daily Limit feature. They have made multi-tasking, planning, and prioritizing easier and more efficient. This is a much requested scheduling feature which will come in handy to many users who have large amounts of work to juggle, and it helps them get the right work done!

Why Setting Daily Limits is Useful?

The idea behind Daily Limits is this: if you have a big project, you can prioritize and set a Daily Limit for the amount of hours per day you can work on the task. In this way, you are not completely occupied by one task, but still get it done. You can work on multiple tasks daily and get more tasks done over a period of time. This type of scheduling will show you the next highest priority task scheduled for that day.


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How the Feature Really Works

Let’s show an example. We can set a task ‚Äì ‚ÄòSpec Brochure’ as a top priority task, and estimate the time needed for completion to be 25 ‚Äì 28 hours. That is more than three full work days. If you were to work like that your next priority task, let’s say ‚ÄòPhotography’, would have to wait a long time, but it is also important.


Now, if you need to make some progress on both tasks, you can set a Daily Limit of 5 hours on the ‚ÄòSpec Brochure’ task. This way, you’re left with 3 hours from your 8-hour workday.


LiquidPlanner will take a look at your next high priority task, and know that you can spend those 3 hours working on that. You will get a handy model of your workday which will show both tasks, and accurately depict multitasking. Watch the video for that new feature.

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