Planview AgilePlace (LeanKit) Review


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Planview AgilePlace

Planview AgilePlace (formerly LeanKit) is enterprise Kanban software that helps organizations and teams visualize work. Its Kanban boards and Lean metrics promote continuous flow of work and accelerate the speed of delivery. Development teams, IT operations, and DevOps teams are able to deliver products and services while staying aligned to higher business objectives.

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Planview AgilePlace Review: Features and Strengths

Collaborative Team Planning and Delivery

Planview AgilePlace promotes connection, collaboration, and planning across teams to ensure work alignment and value delivery. Its enterprise Kanban boards provide teams an intuitive, easily understood way to visualize, plan, and coordinate initiatives with clarity into the values they want delivered. Organizations are able to manage Agile programs quickly and effectively. The software lets users do program increment planning or quarterly planning across multiple teams.

Teams can create custom workflows within each board. They can post comments on individual cards, use @mentions, attach docs, and subscribe to notifications. The Instant Coffee feature is a built-in virtual whiteboard for real-time collaboration. Other features include card scoring prioritization, parent-child card connections, and enterprise integrations.

Work and Value Visualization

Planview AgilePlace Kanban boards enable Agile and Lean teams visualize workflow with better perspective. The flexible boards let users model a variety of workflow process easily. It supports process consistency with its visible lane policy features. User can add, update, and share policy details across processes and value streams.

The ready-to-use board templates allow users to quickly create their initial work boards. Teams can customize templates to use and reuse for similar or repeating processes. They can also edit existing board layouts by dividing vertical lanes into multiple steps with horizontal lanes to represent different workflows.

Performance Metrics, Advanced Analytics, Real-time Insights, and More

Planview AgilePlace include metrics to assess team performance. Lean and Agile metrics ensure that teams can make sound decisions and promote continuous improvement. It has features to help identify the right goals, objectives, and key results while measuring outcomes. It also integrates with BI tools for reporting.

A drag-and-drop interface lets users move cards across lanes, create custom labels, and share progress in real time. Other features are visual risk identification, work-in-process limits, audit trail of changes, card and board metrics, and dependency management. The software also integrates with many Agile tools like Jira, Rally, Azure DevOps,, and ServiceNow, among others.

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Planview AgilePlace Pricing

Planview AgilePlace pricing is available in one simple pricing plan. It starts at $20 per user per month billed annually. Interested teams can sign up for a free trial for 30 days.

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Who Uses Planview AgilePlace?

Planview AgilePlace is applicable to businesses of all sizes. Many midsize companies and large enterprises use its enterprise Kanban boards to visually track and manage the flow of work from strategy to delivery. Customers include IKEA, Skipton Building Society, Expleo, Verisk Analytics, NatWest, Matisa, Vertafore, Ingram Micro, and Huntington National Bank.

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Planview AgilePlace Supported Language

Planview AgilePlace currently supports English only at present.

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Case Studies

Adriana Callerio is the IT Performance and PMO Leader for a California company that provides technology products and supply chain management services. In 2021, there came an ideal opportunity to evaluate current capabilities, processes, tools, and the company’s capacity to adapt to changing ways of working. As a previous customer of Planview, the company added Planview AgilePlace to address enterprise optimization.

Callerio believes that transforming tools and methodologies is key, and that the company should be able to pivot quickly as things shift. Together with the other Planview products, the company addresses application silos that were causing inefficiencies and redundancies. Planview AgilePlace enables the company to structure product teams to solve opportunities for their customers as a result of digital transformation.

Charlie Kennedy is Vice President and Agile Delivery Leader for a public bank in Columbus, Ohio. A competitive landscape pushed the need to deliver capabilities faster and be more responsive to customers. So, the bank embarked on an Agile transformation journey to replace its old project-based waterfall model. Kennedy and the bank’s newly formed Value Management Office (VMO) selected Planview AgilePlace as the solution.

Planview AgilePlace helps the bank scale lean and Agile practices across the organization. It enables the bank’s teams to visually track and manage a continuous flow of work and also accelerate the speed of its delivery. Now, the bank can deliver new capabilities via monthly releases, which allows it to be more competitive in the marketplace.

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Why Choose Planview AgilePlace?

Planview AgilePlace can flexibly support and allow all team types and sizes to work the way they want across methodologies and objectives. It is ideally designed to help users scale Lean and Agile practices, providing whole organizations the needed visibility and enabling teams to focus on the right priorities. The comprehensive Agile tool gives users a consolidated view of work status, built-in tools for collaboration, and advanced analytics and reporting to pursue continuous improvement.

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Company Info

LeanKit Inc. was a software company based in Franklin, Tennessee. It was founded in 2009 by Chris Hefley, Daniel Norton, Jon Terry, and Stephen Franklin. LeanKit provides organizations an enterprise Kanban tool to help visualize work, optimize processes, and deliver value faster. In 2017, Austin-based Planview acquired Leankit and later on renamed it to AgilePlace. Its goal is to advance Planview’s work and resource management (WRM) vision of supporting the different ways of how organizations work.

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