Leadership Assessment Tests That Can Make You a Better Project Manager

Leadership and Project Management Go Hand in Hand!

Could you imagine working with a Project Manager who doesn’t know how to lead? It’s like working with a chef who hates cooking. Or a pilot with a fear of heights. It just doesn’t work!

That’s why leadership skills are so important for a successful project manager. You need somebody to steer the ship, an effective manager that can connect the dots and bring a project together.

At their best, an effective project manager should be skilled at planning, managing, and executing a project to successful completion. Similarly, a successful leader is a person that guides a group of followers towards common goals. Project managers are essentially business professionals that lead specific projects.

This is why it’s common for companies to include personality and leadership tests as part of the application process. It provides an objective look at the style and character of a candidate. This is useful for employers to get the whole picture of an applicant beyond their resume and reference list.

There are many reasons to take leadership assessment tests. They’re often part of the hiring game and are a great way to get your game up. They can be useful practice for future applications, and the results can help you to identify your management style and strengths. On top of this, they’re an excellent way to understand the most effective types of leadership and project management.

Let’s delve into the top project management skills that you should brush upon. Then, we’ll look at the best leadership and personality assessments that will give you the edge you need!

Core Leadership Qualities

Remember that while some people have natural leadership qualities, any of these skills can be learned. There is no perfect approach to leadership – which is why taking an assessment is the perfect way to identify and strengthen your project management style. So, what are the core leadership qualities that you should focus on?

  • Communication: Leadership experts across the world constantly bring up the importance of communication skills for project managers. To complete a project successfully you should comprehensively communicate the vision, goals, roles, procedures, and expectations to everyone involved. Multi-channel communication is completed efficiently ‚Äì this is the key to project management success.
  • Team Management: Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Project managers need to be team builders that are adept at bringing people together for a shared goal. Any good project manager will direct, coordinate, and delegate team members towards project milestones.
  • Decision Making: Any good project manager will have the ability to make informed, rational decisions that are placed quickly and efficiently. Even when the wrong decision has been made, a strong leader can take responsibility.
  • Focus: Strong project managers guide the team on the path towards milestone and project completion. There are a variety of project management methodologies that guide a team towards project goals under a timeline. Identifying your leadership style is a perfect way to ensure that you utilize a style that complements your strengths.

Bridging the Gap Between Project Management and Leadership

It’s important to remember that leadership and project management are two separate skills. But when deployed effectively ‚Äì they make a project manager unstoppable. Caldwell (2004) stated that “management skills provide a foundation for developing leadership skills. Effective leaders have the ability to apply the appropriate skill at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place “.

Managers are skilled at the following and leading processes for an organization. Leaders innovate and drive these processes to innovation and greater efficiencies. When both skills are combined, they complement each other for project managers who seek to drive the efficiency and productivity of their team.

Now here’s the fun part. Let’s examine the best leadership assessment tests that will make you a stronger project manager. We recommend trying them all out: each of them examines a diverse array of leadership skills, qualities, and personalities. 

Leadership Assessment Tests For Making You a Better Project Manager

  • Prepterminal’s Leadership Assessment Test: This test is ideal for identifying character traits such as assertiveness, resourcefulness, transformational leadership, organization, and responsibility. Once you complete the test, platforms like Prepterminal can generate a report that identifies your dominant leadership style and key motivators, while giving a breakdown of strengths and areas of development. This is a great test for identifying your style and improving upon your strengths and potential weaknesses.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: This is a very popular personality test that is based on famed psychiatrist Carl Jung’s psychological types. Many consultants utilize this test to identify your distinctive personality type based on the four psychological functions of feeling, sensation, intuition, and thinking. It’s a great starting point for a project manager seeking to understand their personality type and subsequent style.
  • Core values Index (CVI): The Core Values Index or CVI test is an online assessment that examines your motivational drivers and lays it all down in a personalized report. This test helps project managers understand their favored communication techniques, motivators, and learning style. This is perfect for learning your preferred conflict strategies and anxiety pattern (if it exists).
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment: This is a solid assessment that was created to evaluate project managers and their leadership skills. You can quantify your level of team leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and effectiveness. Use this one to measure your skills when it comes to planning and executing a project.
  • USC’s Leadership Style Assessment: USC developed this test to help people understand their personal leadership style while developing their overall leadership skills. This test is quick, easy, and determines which of the six leadership styles that come naturally to you. Take the assessment to see your style so you can build upon your strengths.

Find Your Leadership Style and Build on It

With any organization, leadership roles require strong behavioral and interpersonal skills to achieve great employee relations and business results. Taking a leadership assessment is a great way to practice for a real-life employment test. Each of the assessments that we’ve mentioned today will prepare you for any type of test that an employer throws your way.

Leadership assessment tests are created for the objective identification and description of a person’s characteristics regarding leadership and management. These characteristics are used to form a judgment as to how well a candidate meets the requirements of a job.

If you have an interest in improving your leadership style, or simply want to prepare for an upcoming test – get on it and try one today!

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