Latest Version 6.0 of Celoxis is Available

Celoxis LogoCeloxis is a web-based project management software developed using proven Java and Java Servlet technology. It can be deployed as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or installed on-premise. Adopted and praised by its many loyal customers, version 5.1 is giving way to a major release v6.0. Clients, such as UK-based Braben Influential Communications and software company Riva Modeling, have been vocal about the amazing responsiveness of its support team. As another example of its commitment, this major release addresses many of their clients’ issues and concerns relayed as requests and bug reports.

User Interface
Version 6’s user interface has been reorganized resulting in more screen real estate, up to 40 percent more. The LHS Panel can be collapsed, and the toolbar for People, Help, and Profile menu have been consolidated to provide more space. Because of more efficient organization, tasks, documents, and discussions may be added quickly, reducing needed clicks while retaining context and improving speed. The client’s dashboard now appears similar to that of the user’s dashboard.

Celoxis Dashboard

Project Management
For project management features, an interactive Gantt chart has now replaced the Task Worksheet. From the chart, panes can be resized, parts collapsed, and tasks drag-and-dropped or moved across projects. Users are able to add multiple tasks within this menu, and set multiple timers on a task. They can add documents, time and expense from the Gantt menu, and export the chart as an image or PDF, or be printed out.

Addition and editing of individual tasks are possible with a convenient preset of 25, 50, 75, and 100% progress tracking and update. Baselines may be imported/exported to or from MS Project. The latest version also sports scheduling enhancements, more options for resource allocation, the ability to add billing details during project creation, and a simplified search interface with improved algorithm.

Timesheets and Expenses
Its client Live Nation that is in the music events and concerts industry reports that they are able to stay within budget with the help of Celoxis. Version 6 further improves Time and Expense features by allowing users to enter percent complete while filling up their weekly time details. It has also simplified the timesheet approval process with a one-click approval option. A policy has been removed to further improve the control on tasks and time, and the number of rows of the weekly screen for non-project time can be customized. Expenses are also editable even after approval.

celoxis weekly time

Gemalto, a global company dealing with digital security, is able to manage hundreds of projects and stay updated by using the collaboration features of Celoxis. The latest release has been further improved to allow documents to be moved across folders. The presentation of its discussion forum has been also improved, now allowing discussion posts to be sorted by date. Discussions also now may be moved across projects. Timezone information is included for organization-wide events, especially useful for those with international branches. Adding work calendar exceptions for individual or organization is easier with a unified interface.

Reports and Custom Fields
The Celoxis dashboard is basically a control center where actions such as project tracking and task management can be performed. Another powerful feature of the dashboard is that every thing on it is a report, including the clickable charts. Version 6 further improves it with enhancements for grouping columns hierarchically. The presentation of reports is also improved, now with less clutter and more readability, with the aid of filters.

Orest W., an implementation specialist for Riva Modeling, has been impressed with this PM tool’s customization of its dashboard, reports and pages, which easily conforms to their company’s business practices and procedures. The latest version has made these customizable fields available to not only the users, but also to clients and contacts. These custom fields may be shared across entities, but fields marked as secure are only visible to users with the right privileges.

Users and Clients, Internationalization, and other updates
Other enhancements included in release v6.0 are the ability to import custom fields for users and clients from a CSV file, and to extract and insert custom fields through Celoxis’ API. The workflow has also been simplified when archiving users and clients, and now, their profile pictures from social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be set.

Previously, it was only available in the English language, but now it has expanded its Internationalization features to include German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese language.

The latest release v6.0 has other feature enhancements and behavioral changes such as AJAX pop-up, CSV exports, and baseline-based EVA on top of the already solid 5.1 version. In sum, Celoxis will just continue to amaze its already impressed clients.

Jose Maria Delos Santos

Jose Maria Delos Santos

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