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Kanbanchi is an online project management and collaboration software. It provides users with a dashboard application that supports the Kanban method. Through this Kanban board, users are able to collaborate on their tasks and projects. More and more teams are realizing the benefits of working with a visual tool to manage projects. Users are able to see the status of each task and keep track of its progress. The visibility helps everyone involved to keep their focus on work that matters most and work together when it is most needed.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • UnlimitedKanbanchi is an online software that includes unlimited number of dashboards and cards. Users can share it with an unlimited number of collaborators. It is easy to use with a simple drag-and-drop interface. After users sign-up, they are given a quick tutorial, and they are ready to use it within a few minutes.
  • Collaboration-ready – This project management and collaboration software allows users to create boards, lists and cards to organize their project, workflow and tasks. Collaborators can leave comments for their colleagues. Therefore, as they work on a card or task, their conversation is recorded and can easily be referenced back to. Team members can get email notifications when a board is updated. Users can organize cards with text tags and color codes, making it easy to search and filter.
  • G Suite Integration, Advanced Features, Customization, and more – Kanbanchi has deep integration with Google Apps. Users can attach files from Google Drive and Shared Drive. They can even manipulate dashboards as files in Drive. Users can push start/due dates to Google Calendar. In addition, users can export boards to Google Sheets. Other features include converting the dashboard into a Gantt chart, see cards in a list view, track time of a card with a timer, email integration, auto sorting and dashboard backups, and others. Furthermore, users can have their application tailor-made to their requirements. It can import Trello boards, too.

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There are three Kanbanchi plans: Starter, Professional and Enterprise. Kanbanchi has flexible pricing to suit the needs of any team starting at $7.95 USD per user.

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Target Market

Kanbanchi is a productivity tool for personal, team and business use. It is valuable for productivity hackers, startup teams, Kanban and agile practitioners, project managers, and product managers, as well as teachers and students.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Jaguar Land Rover, Imagination, EVO-ip, Netflix, Nielsen, Rockwell Collins, Whirlpool, Costco and Roche.

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Piotr Piosik described it as the easiest and most intuitive tool he has used, in comparison with other Kanban tools, PM software and productivity apps.

Michael Tarolli recommended Kanbanchi for anyone trying to juggle multiple projects. He described it as visually pleasing, elegant, simple and stable.

Kim Chiew stated that it is easy to use yet robust enough to manage and monitor all his projects. He recommends it for those having difficulties in getting effective overview of their tasks.

Why Kanbanchi

Kanbanchi is a productivity software supporting the proven Kanban method. Those who are using G Suite and Google Apps can easily sign-up and experience a seamless integration of the software with Drive, Calendar, and other Google apps. It is also secure, customizable and scalable for future needs and growth.

Company Info

Kanbanchi, Ltd, is a privately held computer software company based in Dartford, UK. It was founded in October 2013 by entrepreneur and technologist Vladimir Yakimenko. He is also the CEO of Magic Web Solutions, a developer of web-based software. UK-based consultants and account managers work together with top developers in their own technical facility in Russia to help customers get the best user-experience.

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