Kanban for WordPress Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

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Kanban for WordPress is a free plugin that allows users to have their own complete Kanban board inside their WP site. It is an agile project management tool that requires WP core version 4 and above. From within the WP site, users are able to create tasks (cards) and move it from backlog through the different columns, or swimlanes, that can represent a status, until the tasks are considered done. Users are also able to create estimates and enter actual hours as the cards are moved.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Centralized and SecureKanban for WordPress runs on users’ own WP servers, so they have complete control of their data. The plugin is also designed to be secure and private, so project data is not shared with regular WP data. Everything is in one site, so users, their teams and external partners need to go to only one URL to work on their project. It works with mobile devices, and completed tasks and projects can be archived.
  • Agile Project Management – Users can create tasks and projects quickly from the board. They can edit board elements easily and quickly by editing them ‘in place’. Estimates can be set, and hours can be tracked as the cards are moved progressively across the columns until completion.
  • Customizable, with Add-ons – Kanban for WordPress views can be customized with filters. There is also a search function. Premium add-ons are available, for advanced user management where users can control who has access to the Kanban board. Add-ons are also available for task commenting, notification, task colors, and task details and attachments. In the future, add-ons that provide reports, import/export, and multiple boards will be available.

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Kanban for WordPress plugin is for FREE. Premium add-ons for customization are available.

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Target Market

Kanban for WordPress is ideal for individuals and teams running their own WP servers and in need of an agile project management and productivity tool.

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Some of their Clients

Since launching the plugin in November 2015, it has more than 200 active installs, according to their WP.org page.

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Brad Chellingworth of Affinity Ridge described the plugin as an easy-to-use tool for managing development. It allowed his team to focus on work and not on managing tasks.

WPSupport.io stated that this project management plugin is different from other cloud-based applications because users completely own their data.

Why Kanban for WordPress

Kanban is a really effective tool for project management and collaboration, so downloadable and online versions have become very popular productivity tools. Kanban for WordPress is the only existing free Kanban board plugin for WordPress. Users running WP on their servers can easily install, seamlessly add and now utilize all the benefits of using Kanban boards on the same site. Also, they can choose only the add-on features they need.

Company Info

Kanban for WordPress is a plugin developed by Gelform Inc, which specializes in early-stage, prototype web application development as well as WP themes, plugins and tools. President and owner Corey Maass is a seasoned developer with a passion for design, usability and solving real problems with software.

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