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K-OpsK-Ops is comprehensive and easy-to-use construction management software that connects users across offices and job sites. It helps all teams organize and centralize project documents from beginning to end using a secure, highly accessible cloud platform. Users can quickly track project progress and other moving work components, generate reports, and share updates with teams and partners from any device. K-Ops promotes clear communications, simplifies collaboration, and enhances team productivity for better project outcomes.

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K-Ops : Features and Strengths

Collaborative Platform with Markup Management

K-Ops construction management software enables multiple teams to collaborate between office and job sites. It works across devices including smartphones and tablets. Users can mark up drawings, assign issues, share progress photos, and centralize daily logs. A user can invite colleagues and subcontractors for seamless collaboration while safely controlling what information they share. Teams can take photos, list issues, and mark up drawings on any device including mobile devices. The markup tool allows users to assess various dimensions and measure length, perimeter, and area. Users can mark up drawings and other documents to pinpoint issues and queries with precision and context. They can share drawings and blueprints, assign tasks that require completion and monitor work in progress. A document library keeps all drawings and documents organized. K-Ops

Workflows and Reporting

K-Ops lets users create their own workflows to reflect their organization’s specific processes. They can create as many workflows as needed for every type of document, equipment, issue, or query. Teams can assign an activity of a workflow to a team, a team member, or a specific role. Only the people concerned can complete the activity or stop it to set a standard chain of approval. The construction management software includes several filters to let users generate and share reports. Users can generate daily reports, equipment lists, issues lists, or query lists in PDF or CSV format. Jsers can also configure reports to display a company logo simply by uploading the image to incorporate it automatically. The software also includes a real-time, interactive dashboard, a centralized space for progress photos, issues tracking, query tracking, project progress tracking, and equipment management and tracking.

Integration, Automation, Notification, and more

K-Ops integrates with many apps and services including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Gmail. Users can also request API connectors to link with a preferred system. A data importer allows a user to import records into the software within minutes. Teams can import an equipment list, deficiencies, questions, tags, or other data types supported. All team members and partners get notified with the latest activities either through email or with in-app notifications on their mobile device. Teams can easily trace all queries from creation to the latest action performed. They have access to all data from past projects to ongoing projects to quickly find valuable information. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

K-Ops Pricing

K-Ops pricing offers two simple plans that come with unlimited users, projects, and storage. Pricing is valid for an annual company project volume of up to $3 million. Users can pay annually or pay monthly without the annual discounts. A free demo is also available upon request. The Pro plan starts at $299 per company per month billed annually. It includes most features needed by a company for document control, construction process management, project field management, and reporting. The Premium plan starts at $499 per company per month billed annually. It has all available features including customizable queries and automated workflows for collaborating with project partners. K-Ops Back to top

Who Uses K-Ops?

K-Ops is a construction management software for all sizes and types of projects, whether commercial, industrial, institutional, or residential. It is a flexible solution for general contractors, specialist contractors, architects and engineers, project managers, or building owners in need of comprehensive construction management and collaboration software. Customers include Construction Citadelle Inc, Construction Côté & Fils, SOLARTIC, Fusion Electrique, Atelier Monarque Architecture, Tetra Tech, Prével Real Estate Development, BBA Engineering, and GFL Environmental. Back to top

K-Ops Supported Languages

K-Ops supports English and French languages. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

Case Studies

Patrick Pilote is a construction system analyst at a professional engineering and consulting services company in Québec. Patrick and his team are regularly looking for tools on the market in their mission to help companies face challenges and pursue transformation. Upon trying K-Ops, he discovered a very intuitive and slick UI that can quickly track work packages. It is a good team communication tool and helps in the collaboration between contractors and client. It also has a good mobile app and a responsive support team. Jean-Philippe Laliberté is the Director of Engineering and Environmental Compliance of a diversified environmental services company with headquarters in Michigan. In monitoring large construction projects, the company chose K-Ops for its easy-to-use platform. Jean-Philippe and his team finds the all-in-one application very efficient for optimizing project management time and project documentation, as well as tracking deficiencies and surprises that may require change in process. The construction software is further completed by an always-available and highly competent team to assist new users with operation and integration. Back to top

Why Choose K-Ops?

K-Ops provides intuitive project management and collaboration software for construction professionals. It facilitates process standardization with a comprehensive set of features for project documentation, progress tracking, and reporting. With real-time updates as well as access to historical data, users can make informed decisions at any point throughout the whole construction phase. Back to top

Company Info

K-Ops is the flagship product of Pharonyx Technologies, a specialized software development company based in Montréal, Québec. It was founded by Hugo Brizard and Samuel Godbout in 2016. After working for several years at an engineering firm supporting construction projects worldwide, Hugo and Samuel identified the need to build a tool that would be financially accessible and would solve operational issues and needs to help teams working on construction projects of various sizes, so they created K-Ops. In March 29, 2022, SmartUse, a STACK Construction Technologies company, acquired K-Ops to help bridge the gap between office and field in construction.

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