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Best IT Management SoftwareInformation technology (IT) spending is in the billions of dollars annually and continues to grow. Companies are willing to spend a huge amount in IT because it not only supports business units to create revenue but can generate value in the use of technology through IT management. The field of IT management covers a wide area of technologies and business environments. IT management encompasses the selection, implementation, usage, maintenance, and overall management of anything related to information technology. And this is made possible through IT management software.

What is IT management software?

Information technology is present in almost every area and aspect of business. And so are IT management applications, helping business units such as marketing, sales, customer service, finance, and HR to function efficiently in today’s digital landscape. IT management software is software that provides the IT department the tools and applications to effectively and securely monitor, control, and manage all types of information technology resources in an organization. IT resources and assets include computer and networking hardware, network operating systems, desktop OS, development tools, databases, on-premise applications, cloud-based services, and company data.

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Benefits of IT management software

IT department management software has evolved over the years. In the past, it played a supporting role in helping each business unit become more computerized. Today, IT management software is the centralizing system for all business unit systems. Here are some of the benefits and advantages that the best IT management software can provide companies:

  • Creates interconnection and integration among different business systems and applications that help break down departmental data silos.
  • Unifies and automates business solutions to reduce costs and redundancies while streamlining processes and operations.
  • Improves data monitoring and communication to provide up-to-date status of IT resources and services and resolve user issues.
  • Provides a secure but accessible storage of valuable data and company information
  • Establishes a digital platform where new opportunities and solutions can be developed to boost productivity, improve collaboration, and increase profitability.

Best IT Management Software 2021

The importance of having an IT management software has become more evident this year as the world struggles with the pandemic. The best IT management tools have allowed some companies to do better than others. In the coming year, businesses are planning to spend more on enterprise software, data center systems, and IT services, which all fall under IT management software. Below is a list of the top IT management software in no particular order. Some are designed for a single particular feature such as data backup, while others perform a more comprehensive functionality such as enterprise resource planning.

Kaseya VSA

Kaseya is an IT management software for internal IT teams and managed service providers (MSP). VSA is a product that provides remote monitoring and management, endpoint management, and network monitoring capabilities. It enables technical teams to work efficiently across tools, remotely manage endpoints without disrupting users, and automate many IT processes. It also has features for security such as patch management, offers visibility to monitor the network, and can reduce costs with automated routine maintenance.

LogMeIn Central

LogMeIn Central enables teams to monitor and maintain IT resources from anywhere. The remote computer management software allows users to securely access endpoints from their desktop or mobile to resolve issues. They can update software or generate inventory reports. The software can automate many routine tasks to help internal IT teams and MSPs manage endpoints including in kiosks, point-of-sale systems, and digital signs.


Sortly is an IT management software for inventories. It is a simple inventory management software for tracking IT assets and keeping track of important dates. The software offers a free plan for a single user and premium plans for multi-users. It works on browsers on any desktop and has native apps for iOS and Android. The software is used for IT inventory as well as in the medical, construction, and real estate industries. Features include barcode and QR code reader/label printer, automatic email and in-app notifications, in/out scanner, and custom report generation.


Nakivo is a backup, replication, and disaster recovery software that offers an integrated approach to data protection. It has a wide range of features, affordable pricing, and outstanding support. With over 97 percent positive customer experience, support engineers can be contacted directly from its web interface. The software offers flexible pricing for its complete solution that includes data backup, replication failover, backup to the cloud or tape, backup copy, instant verification, and granular restore.

SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects is a business intelligence (BI) platform for data reporting, visualization, and sharing. It is an on-premise solution that can help companies turn their data into useful insights. The solution is a flexible and scalable intelligence tool to help decision makers. It includes reporting and analysis to understand trends and root causes. Its data visualization and analytics help assess risks and identify opportunities. It also integrates with Office applications.

Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management is an IT service management software that helps teams quickly set up a service desk and deliver great customer service experience. It is an open collaborative platform that can track work across the enterprise to make work visible and provide support teams contextual information as they respond to requests, incidents, or changes. It supports DevOps, so development work is accelerated and deployment is easy. The software has free and premium plans.


Spiceworks is a community that offers free IT management software and tools to help system administrators, network engineers, and other technical teams manage their IT infrastructure. These tools include a Help Desk to manage user tickets, a Connectivity Dashboard to monitor the IT infrastructure, an inventory software that collects detailed hardware and software information over IP, remote support, contract management, and other networking tools. The company monetizes the free apps by connecting IT pros to tech brands through advertising.


ManageEngine is an IT operations and service management software from the creators of Zoho software. In particular, OpManagerPlus is for IT operations management that is useful for IT engineers. It has tools for monitoring networks, servers, and IP addresses. The software can manage bandwidth and network configurations, analyze firewall rules and logs, and track application usage. It is a comprehensive tool that offers users visibility into several layers of IT operation, namely, network, server and storage, application, and security layers.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning software. Although an ERP is not exclusive to the IT department, it is an important enterprise software that allows IT to support an organization’s business. It helps streamline mission-critical processes so companies can have clear visibility and control. The solution automates many processes such as financial management and planning, order, production, and supply chain management, procurement, and warehouse and fulfillment. IT is in charge of administration but ERP users have access to self-service tools. is a flexible work management platform that can be used for a variety of purposes including as an IT management software. It is a centralized and highly visual platform that is customizable and quick to set up. It integrates with many applications and services and has built-in automation and visualization tools. The software can help users manage IT operations by streamlining and simplifying services that IT delivers. It can be configured to manage onboarding and requests, track orders and inventory, and monitor supply management. It is an effective tool for enterprise project management.

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