Interview with Resit Gulec, Founder & CEO of Master of Project Academy

Resit Gulec – CEO of Master of Project Academy

Question #1: What is Master of Project Academy, When was it founded?

Master of Project Academy was founded in 2012, as a blog, posting Project Management and IT Service management articles. With the increasing interest and demand coming from our visitors, we prepared and published our first course, Microsoft Project Training, in September 2014. This course became popular quickly and appreciated by Microsoft as well!

We received a huge and increasing interest over time and prepared and published over 40 courses since 2014. Master of Project Academy delivers 100% online and self-paced certification courses mainly for IT and Business professionals. It is the world’s #1 affordable and flexible certification training provider.

Last December, Master of Project Academy surpassed 50,000 members from more than 170 countries and is keeping its exponential growth month-over-month.

Our headquarters is in New York, and we have an office in Istanbul. However, we are just a click away from professionals.

Question #2: There are several online education platforms like Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, Lynda etc. What is your differentiation?

Online education market is growing 13% each year. Udacity, Coursera, Lynda and many other online education platforms are not providing courses in the certification training niche. There are certification courses in Udemy prepared by individuals but they are not accredited.

Master of Project Academy is actually a vertical niche in the online education market targeting IT & Business professionals to prepare them for certification exams.

A rough analogy can be if Udemy is the Amazon of online education market, Master of Project Academy is the Apple of this sector as a premium training provider.

Question #3: Who is your target audience?

Our courses are for IT and Business professionals around the world. Any certification aspirant can enroll in our courses from anywhere just with an internet-connected device.

For the moment, more than 50% of our visitors come from North America, including US and Canada. However, we are continuing to grow in other markets as well including UK, Australia and Europe.

Till now, we focused on B2C marketing strategies to reach our target. However, we saw that several professionals from corporate companies enroll in our courses. Some of these companies are Ericsson, Moody’s, Volvo, KPMG, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Roche. We are planning to approach corporate companies in determined countries and engage B2B marketing activities during 2017 as well.

Question #4: Why is certification important for professionals?

The main reason is: advancing in their career. Based on a recent survey of, professionals earning relevant certifications command a 14% higher wage than their uncertified counterparts.

Many employers seek certification when they are looking for candidates to an open position in the company. Certifications also play an important role when it comes to promote employees in an organization. Therefore, getting relevant certifications is crucial for a professional to have a better career.

Question #5: Why should a professional choose Master of Project Academy?

It is a challenge to get ready for a certification exam especially for working professionals. Depending on the country and the certification training, cost of training varies from $500 to $2,000. In addition to the high course prices, professionals need to schedule themselves for classroom training schedules. This is a very big restriction for working professionals.

Our platform provides certification courses with up to 90% cost advantage. Moreover, professionals can enroll and follow our courses at their own pace and at their home, work, or wherever they wish. This ensures a very high flexibility for our students. All of our instructors have several years of instructing and field experience. Combining theory with the practice is critical in education. Our 99.6% success rate shows we prepare our students very well for the exams. Besides, we respond to each and every question of our students within 24 hours.

Question #6: Do you have an interesting user story or success story?

The most frequent and interesting thing what we hear from our students is how our courses can be as affordable as they are. 2 days ago Jayari from Singapore contacted and asked us “how can a PMP training be just 10% of the classroom training cost in Singapore?”. He told me that a regular PMP classroom training is $1,500 USD in Singapore and he could not believe that our course is $15 per month or $199 for the lifetime access.

We have many success stories about our students considering that we have an over 99% success rate and more than 50,000 professionals have used our service. The most recent one is Andrew’s. Andrew was working as a Business Operations Manager in a Digital Marketing company in Canada when he enrolled in our PMP course. After 3 months of study, he got the PMP and got an offer from another company with a 18% higher salary offer.

Question #7: Do you have any message to your prospective students?

Online certification training is affordable and flexible at Master of Project Academy. With our training approach trusted by over 50,000 professionals, we will help you to reach your goals as well.

We are celebrating the surpassing of 50,000 professionals with 50% Discount coupon valid on all courses and all pricing plans. Visit our site, select the course you want to enroll and apply 50K50OFF coupon during checkout to get your 50% OFF.

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