HyperOffice Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

HyperOffice-logoHyperOffice is a cloud-based online collaboration suite that is slick, highly customizable, and cost effective. It is fairly simple to setup for both local and wide area networks, allowing team members and clients to access specific data easily.  Whether you want to share documents, contacts, tasks, and practically any digital file, HyperOffice is your quintessential collaboration service.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Task Creation, Assignment and Tracking – HyperOffice makes it really easy to manage your tasks. New tasks can be created with a click of a button and assigned to members, who are notified instantly. The suite also provides tools to monitor and track progress on all tasks.
  • Online Document Management – With HyperOffice, you can organize and store documents on the cloud, which can be accessed by your team if you wish.
  • Online Calendars and Contact Management – HyperOffice lets you manage important dates, such as meetings and product delivery, through their online calendar feature, which can also be shared with your colleagues by giving them the level of access that you want. The contact management feature allows you to import, export or synchronize important contacts with ease.
  • Mobile Support – HyperOffice is fully supported on the mobile platform, which means you can access your documents and collaborate with your peers, anytime and anywhere.
  • User Administration – The user management module adds another layer of customizability to HyperOffice, allowing the user to add and delete members, along with managing the level of access given to them.
  • Design and Customer Support – HyperOffice crushes it’s competitors in terms of design and customer support. The suite has a slick and eye-catching interface design, along with a highly responsive and friendly support staff.


HyperOffice can initially be used on a 15-day free trial without providing any credit card or payment details. After the end of trial period, a specific fee is charged for continual use. It has 3 versions, each for a different level of use. The ‘Core’ version provides basic functionalities for small-to-medium level use, at low cost. The ‘Enterprise’ version includes all features along with high-level customer support, but is more costly than the ‘Core’ version. Lastly, the ‘À la Carte’ version is for users who want to use specific features only, and charged on that basis.


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Target Market

HyperOffice is ideal for small-to-medium sized businesses due to its range of competitive pricing plans and customizable nature. Smaller organizations can make use of the cost-effective pricing to manage their business efficiently, and achieve day-to-day tasks effectively, whereas the relatively larger organizations can make use of extended features and unmatched support.

Supported Languages

As of now, HyperOffice can be used in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Japanese.

Some of their Clients

Information about their clients was not available on their website, but HyperOffice received glowing commendations from several notable organizations such as PCMag, The New York Times, ZDNet, PC World and GigaOM.


Most customers who used HyperOffice wrote positive reviews about it, and tweeted about their satisfaction with the platform.

John Markins highly recommended the use of HyperOffice for any collaborative work, due to its broad feature set, well organized user-interface, and responsive customer support.

Ankit Mahajan displayed his satisfaction by stating that he was very happy to use HyperOffice, as it had the most complete set of features for a collaboration tool.

Why HyperOffice

HyperOffice allows users to share files, manage documents and contacts, and manage tasks on a single platform, which enables a highly collaborative environment and efficient management. Mobile-platform support, vast feature set, slick design, and unrivaled customer support sets it apart from its competitors. Finally, an active customer base of more than 300,000 clearly indicates the quality of the platform.

Company Info

HyperOffice is a privately held corporation, founded more than a decade ago, in 1998. Their corporate headquarters is located in Maryland, USA. The company, founded by Drew Morris and Shervin Pishevar, initially offered its services for free to individuals and small businesses, before it began receiving funding from investors. Subsequently, they grew and introduced charges for its customers, in return for a highly beneficial and useful collaboration service.

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