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hubstaff-talent-logoA 2015 Gallup poll showed that telecommuting in the US is increasing. The poll also showed that the telecommuters were just as productive as other employees. Another survey conducted by TINYpulse this May reported that remote workers are happier and feel more valued. As the world becomes more accepting of remote work, there is also an increasing trend in finding great contractors and freelancers. Hubstaff time tracking software recently announced the launch of Hubstaff Talent. It is a free resource for companies looking for remote talent and freelancers across the globe.

Introducing Hubstaff Talent

A few days ago, Hubstaff Talent was released to help business owners find quality staff at affordable prices. This is a free service created by the privately held, Indiana-based company of Hubstaff. The service provides a directory of high-quality freelancers and agencies. When business owners and employers post jobs and projects, they receive applications and detailed descriptions from applicants who believe they are the right fit. Employers also see not only summaries but up-to-date resumes of contractors. They can, but not required, use Hubstaff time tracking, communicate through the platform, or communicate via email, Skype or whatever means preferred.

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How It Works

It is simple to get started. Business owners can browse freelancers and agencies to find the right talent and size of a team. Next, they contact the team of their choice. The employer and the contractors jointly decide on the work terms. Then, they start work on the platform they choose. Getting work done by a handpicked, qualified team has never been easier. Another way is to simply post jobs for free and wait for applications to come.

Browse Freelancers by Skill

Hubstaff Talent makes it easy to search for talent. Business owners can filter by different means such as based on rate or availability. Searching by skill category is a great way to find talent for a particular job or project requirement. At present, there are 7 categories. They are development, marketing and sales, design and multimedia, writing and content, database and IT, admin, and business consulting. Under development, there are about 70 skill categories, including HTML, WordPress development, Javascript, CSS and more. Under design and multimedia, there are about 27 skill categories, such as Photoshop, web design, graphic design, and others.

Connect with Agencies

Contractors and freelancers can register their agencies in Hubstaff Talent. When companies find the team members that belong in agencies, the site provides the contact information of the agency. A main contact for the agency controls the flow and the sales process. Business owners can also search by agencies using filters. Some of the top agencies are Epic Coders from Romania, Topflight Developers from the US, and CyberCraft from Ukraine, among others.

Browse by Country

For location-specific requirements, business owners can also search by country. At present, there are 6 countries to choose from. They are the US, the Philippines, India, Russian Federation, Romania and Pakistan. From these 6 countries, there are about 1400 freelancers and 213 agencies to choose from. However, aside from these 6 countries, there are profiles from individual freelancers and agencies that come from all over the world, such as France, Germany, Gambia, the Netherlands and others.


A 100% Free Way to Find the Best Talents and Resources

Hubstaff Talent is provided as a service to clients at no cost. Regardless of how great one’s time tracking software works, if there are no right talent and contractors working at jobs and projects, desired results will still not happen. The site aims to be an open marketplace of awesome remote workers. Its goal is to become a leader in connecting remote contractors with those in need of their services. Hubstaff is on Twitter and Facebook.

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