How Live Chat can help convert website traffic into sales

While most online retailers think they have the online sales market covered just by having a website and doing some marketing – that is far from true. Getting traffic to the website is half the battle – the other half is converting those clicks into sales.

What’s missing in online stores and present in brick-and-mortar stores? Conversation. A salesperson at a store is important because they can make sure that customers get what they came into the store for. Furthermore, it is tougher for a customer to say no to an actual person – another reason why people tend to buy more in stores that have salespeople.

How do you reproduce this online? Simple – with Live Chat. Live chat is a service whereby you can approach each customer as they land on your website and make sure that all their questions are being answered. You can also track their movement through the website – which means that the information you are giving them is based on the products they are currently looking at.

Why should your Business Implement Live Chat?

Why is this service so effective? Simply because it adds the human touch back into online shopping. While many people enjoy shopping online only because they don’t have to deal with salespeople – but a lot of people also don’t shop online because they have too many questions about how they product/service works and/or is delivered. Live Chat takes care of this since every question can be answered immediately by someone who is trained to do so.

It also makes the company real. Many people worry about being scammed on the internet – and while adding a Live Chat agent does not take that much work – it does give customers some peace of mind since they feel like they’re talking to a person and start feeling like they can trust the company. Simply put, it increases the customer’s confidence in your ability to deliver.

A lot of customers will also feel more comfortable talking to someone via chat rather than calling in on your company hotline or emailing. The chat window is usually clearly visible, and talking to the agent does not require taking any more steps than just typing in the question.


Online chat also keeps the customer’s privacy intact. If they were to email or call, the chances are that you could keep that information and then send them advertisements throughout the year. However, online chat does not give the retailer that option as no information is stored.  However, it is possible to save old chats so that if the same customer comes online – using their IP address – you can have the previous conversation they were having in front of you in just a few seconds.

Live Chat is a great way to build online business, drum up confidence in your product and answer customer’s questions to make sure they walk away happy.

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